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What is the Real Difference when it comes to Standard Education and The UNUversal UNUversity? Nations United UNUversal UNUversity Is focused on Real Education and Real Guidance. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity supports the ALLNatural Environment that Supports ALL of US.


Standard Education found in today’s public and private schools from the elementary level to the university level have become completely controlled to herd the masses into a dumbed down consciousness of human farming for reptilians and other galactic species. The history taught in schools today is slanted and distorted as it is propaganda to garner your agreement to an unconsciousnesses, in many instances what the teachers and professors are teaching is the complete opposite of how events really took place, of course they do not know this, so WWWE are providing the opportunity for all to share and learn Real History. The standard history taught is made to be purposely confusing and taught differently on different areas of Earth for the purpose of division to easier control the masses and have the masses ‘do the work’ for the reptilians while inciting wars, genocides, and separation leading to famine, destruction of the Natural Environment, and mass unconscious death, unconscious karma and reincarnation (cause and effect), to the point of certain body types ie fairies, faes, dragons, plants and animals on the ‘extinct’ list and others beings being unable to inhabit the physical realm on earth with us. Standard history makes no real mention of the solar system or galactic history or contact of other beings, within the area known as Creation (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric, deep dark border). Nations United UNUversal UNUversity encourages transparency and so a person will be able to look to their RealAwarenisss and RealSide for Real Answers and excel in their own adventures and exploration of Life while promoting those that have experience and knowledge in these multi-dimensional areas to create courses and educate the public.


Today, education has become indoctrination and brainwashing for an agenda of dumbing down humanity so they are easily used as slaves and a food source for ongoing unconscious reincarnation cycles. This is how the reptilians and other species within our galaxy and other places in creation have survived for millennia- using humans or other body types as a food source while making sure they are not aware of anything beyond doctrines and authorities that they choose to rule over the masses.


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity does not utilize the idea of ‘teachers’ and does not utilize the ideas of ‘teachings’. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity Educators along with Wonderful WorldWide Educators (WWWE), are here to educate the public with how to Become MoreAware with The ALLNatural Environment, which IS The Whole of Life beyond the psychic realms of cause and effect (karma and unconscious reincarnation) creation. You will be learning about the reality of earth in many different forms along with the levels of creation.

Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is here to demonstrate the Real Difference of learning Real Survival on all LifeLevels and Becoming MoreAware of RealUNUversisss with No Authorities and No Restrictions. You must be a Real RiskTaker to do this.


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity will invite and allow those to step up and create their own courses with educating the public on what makes sense now. There will be a Real History of the Yugas, Timelines, Galaxies, Religions, Politics and Spiritual Paths, not the narrative the reptilians have employed to control the masses, but exposing and a better understanding will occur as to what has really been taking place on earth and in creation. Finally the experience, history, and knowledge that has been kept from the masses will be released for all to learn what actually makes sense by creating comparisons to what LifeIS, what IS Real and RealSurvival. Survival will include the personal life on earth and within the levels of creation by RecognISing and learning about your RealAwarenisss.


Real Sciences and Real Maths will be applied for RealBenefits and projects to create a harmony of all beings interested with the earth. This will include the testing of different products to learn the toxins and poisons within them so that improvements can be made according to what Nature IS. This will include the creation of products that are natural, (ie water kefir, kombucha, tinctures, herbs, plant medicines). Communications will include technologies and awareness that have been suppressed from the masses, an example, what Tesla Created as Safe ‘Wi-Fi’, Natural Telethapy and other ‘free energy’.


Students will be educated on how to support, pay attention to, cooperate, and communicate with the ALLNatural Environment. Students will have projects to clean the earth and transform cities and businesses to Support The ALLNatural Environment for better survival on earth.


Today, the standard education of academia has enrolled professors, teachers, instructors, and courses that ultimately lead to jobs and careers destroying The ALLNatural Environment, which includes destroying people (ie oil, bombs and weaponry, non-essential medical drugs and procedures, kidnapping of children).


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity will be sharing Natural Healing for all and the Real History of baking, medical, psychiatry, academia and other cabal created areas will be brought out for what they really are and the areas within these fields that are a benefit and how to relate and transform them so they do benefit a person and the ALLNatural Environment. What this means is the deception of these subjects and systems will be laid out so that individuals can become more aware of how they have come to this area of destroying their environment, which includes people because of the almost total focus on the literal side of things (words on paper) so an individual can make better choices.


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity will encourage students to ‘Get Their Own Answers’ by Paying Attention to their RealAwarenisss and RealSide or DreamVision Nightly or Daily Experiences. A person’s Intuition with their fifth body, their etheric body will be used as a focus as it is a hint to a person’s RealAwarenisss. Students will be educated about RealUNUversisss and RealFreedom that IS possible for each individual with No Restrictions and No Authorities. This is an individual discovery and exploration of the individual. Students will have the opportunity to explore the RealSide and Share what they are learning and implement it with their lives and communities (cities). Students will have the opportunity to assist in transforming their cities or join another community or utilize land that is not being used or occupied while listening to the land and supporting the Natural Environment with rainforests as an example. Ideas and projects that make sense will be supported by Nations United UNUversal UNUversity. There is more than enough room for expansion of support and benefits with the Natural Environment. It is not necessarily that we will be ‘telling people what to do’, but we will be looking to each individual to step up and implement their own projects or contribution in whatever way possible to support the ALLNatural Environment. The students, children, and youth WILL be listened to unlike the standard education where they are simply told how things are and made to remember, recite and regurgitate what has been fed to them. Nations United sees the Children as the Future and with the most to contribute as this is their earth and they have much less restrictions and ideas held upon than the adults who are mainly agreeing to the destruction of the Natural Environment now.


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity has no hidden agendas or doctrines. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is not political, religious, spiritual, transcendental, metaphysical, standard education, science fiction, cult, or any other ideas created in creation. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is simply founded by those that are Real and here to share a RealBenefit for all from and with what LifeIS. Students will be educated on the RealSide as well has having online and physical meetings in conjunction with practical projects (ie vehicles running on water, creating rainforests, cleaning oil spills, transforming plastics into biodegradable products, natural housing).


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is not limited to earth and the one-dimensional views like standard education or applications that do not benefit the environment or theories and ideas as all courses taught in universities are considered ‘theories’ which is simply an idea and philosophy as the final degree attained is a PhD which translated to ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. WWWE are interested in RealExperiences not philosophies that do not benefit a person but simply keep them restricted and weighed down with ideas that sound good and equal nothing more than unconscious death and rebirth. Most course, jobs, careers and purposes on earth only apply to earth and will mean nothing when the physical body is done. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is here to assist you to assist yourself in the form of support and sharing to be prepared to pass over into the other levels. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is interested in YOU gaining your own Real Experiences, going on your own Real Adventures and Becoming Self-Sufficient in your RealAwarenisss to Support ALLLife, which always includes YOU. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity provides more than a job or career, but the opportunity for a RealLife and a RealPurpose. Nations United UNUversal UNUversity will give hints as to how to leave Unconscious Cause and Effect Creation and become more aware of what LifeIS. Indigenous ways will be shared and used as a comparison as to how we can make better sense on earth now as well as learning about other civilizations and what works within our solar system and galaxy, but not limited to these areas in creation.


Nations United UNUversal UNUversity will be educating you on your 5 bodies and Your RealAwarenisss so that you can better navigate your Life here on earth and beyond this world. Many perspectives will be welcomed with what makes sense with The Natural Environment. Educators will have freedom and creativity. Educators will be sharing about supporting The ALLNatural Environment which includes the unseen levels (one example is fairies, gnomes). The Real UNUversal Guides that have RecognISed Life beyond Creation will be Supporting YOU and are as YOU read this so you can RecognISe Life ITSelf and YourSelf Beyond Blisss. The NU~U~U~U NUSound as The RealConnection to Life will be utilized for all to become more aware with Life.

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