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By Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer

We have each been on this planet Earth and other places like it for millions of lifetimes,

and for the most part unconscious of the RealGuidance and RealEducation provided by Life and what is known as The Real UNUversal Guides beyond Creation. Many have been with RebISar and The Real UNUversal Guides but have forgotten their Real Experiences with these individuals, but the experiences never go away and you can always decide to get your own Real Experiences Nowww by Singing The NU~U~U~U NUSound and begin your Real NULife & Decide Your Adventures. You can decide to Seee Now what we have been through to get to this point now and have the possibility to begin to RecognISe The TruReality LifeISSS as The NUWAVISSS DuaneEva Noww ISSS Presenting. As we started off in the Golden Age when the ALLNatural Environment was flourishing we experienced ourselves as what today is referred to in tales as Giants, but these were not tales, actually Real Experiences with The ALLNatural Environment on ALLLife Levels Here Nowww. The tales give reference to what we have experienced before coming into this lifetime and share a more real history than what we have been dumbed down and indoctrinated with so heavily in schools since the age of four.

As we grew up our parents, pastors, doctors, school teachers or anyone else we looked to, to take care of us did not tell us of our past lives, that we have five other bodies and that there is a lot more going on with ourselves and on this planet and galaxy than the physical body we see as movement and motion.

As we came into this lifetime many of us were inoculated with vaccinations including deadly ingredients known to man such as aluminum and mercury injected directly into our blood stream. We came onto this planet mostly with amnesia of where we had been and were submersed in subliminals from the television, radio, and other forms of media. The power lines, EMFs, blue light technology have all disturbed our natural ways of Seeeing, Supporting, Experiencing, and recognizing life.  

The books we were given like the encyclopedia and dictionaries were approved, created, and even sometimes altered over time by the Kontrolling governments of this world. What many do not realize is the spelling with the letter K referenced in the word Kontrolling applies to the Kalaum God that so many are unaware of on this planet and holds the agreement of others unconsciously. As each individual decides to stay unconscious this world will only get worse until it is like the surface of Mars. The reality of this is presented all throughout our solar system and galaxy as life in uninhabitable on the surface of these former places some of us may have spent lifetimes on, exploring the galaxy.

Many that will read this were on planets like Lyra and Vega. Planets that held such wonderful forests moreso than the movie Avatar by James Cameron. The planet thrived with luscious forests and animals that were all recognized as equals in awareness and being, but soon war became their chosen path and today these planets have mainly been destroyed.

Kalaum is The Lord God of all the followers of the Belief Systems on earth and up to The Mental Worlds. His identity will differ from faith to faith, but they are all still him. He is The Three Headed God with the Deceptive Faces of Benevolence, Fear and Influence. Most will be surprised or totally refuse to Seee who their god is, as they will be faced with a reptilian figure that has been deceiving them for lifetimes. The Orion Reptilians along with Enki wrote the holy, hole-y, holes in your aura, dribble (bible) and do give reference to certain things; While realistically it is a business plan for the agents of the Kalaum God on the Earth. In the dribble you will find all sorts of 'prophecies' which are based on the free will and agreement of each individual here. These reptilians have told you what they will be doing, and then do it as you have been conditioned to be passive like the system of passive meditation and so you 'believe and think' a savior will come as THEY have told you, but this will not be happening for you, as their idea of 'saving' you is to eat you and save you as leftovers for later; whether it is food or genetic testing and manipulation. You have unconsciously agreed and chosen all the destruction on your planet through your own mind thinking and free-will choices as you have been unaware of the marketing ploy put out by the reptilians, especially that of the god ideas. It all sounded good, but here you are on a planet that has been destroyed and you are unaware that your agreement and choices effect this planet and everyone, including the solar system and galaxy.

The Golden Age was the good times on the earth, and some have been through more 'Golden Ages' than they can count, but always end up lost somewhere in Creation. Many want to re-create the 'Golden Age' or 'Bring Heaven to Earth,' but how can this be so when the HUmans poison, pollute, destroy and devastate the very Natural Environment that Supports ALL of US? Everything ISSS Nowww and ISSS possible as WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators are here to Present The NU~U~U~U NUSound which is the RealCure for ALL, Your RealAwarenisss, to Live Here & Be Nowww (Not Now,) and create a Focus on Supporting The ALLNatural Environment instead of destroying it.

As you will watch in this video 'There are no forests on Earth' you will have the opportunity and choice to Seee some of what we have all come through and be able to realize where we are now. Do you want to keep agreeing to the unconscious destruction and devastation of this earth and all the technology that contributes to a ruined environment like Mars? LifeISSS all about RecognISing The ISSSNISSS and not trying to change anything, chase ideas, thrills, or go here or there, but RecognISing What ITTT ISSS, which cannot be considered.

YOU can Join US as We create Projects to Support The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, Starting with Planting Trees, Rain Forests, and Food Forests; and you too can Learn to Seee The Invisible Awe'IS'ome LifeISSS. There IS more to Life than Creation, Body Types, the Earth, and other planets, but first, learn where YOU are and what is taking place here! WakeUP & Create Rain Forests with us for more oxygen on our planet! There is so much taking place on your planet that you are not Seeeing and throughout this galaxy and others! You may connect to The Trees and Animals by Singing NU~U~U~U before bed or when you are with them! Write down your Experiences and Share an Article online for everyone! You can share with us here:



“Try Something 'NU' with YourLife from all those 'things' you have known before. What WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators 'IS' Presenting is Not scary or weird or strange, but moreso FUN! WWWE simply Show YOU How to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient! WWWE Support The ALLNatural Environment Supporting US and WWWE Sing 'A Call to Nature' with The NUSound 'NU~U~U~U' that 'IS' Recogn'IS'ed with THE ALLLISSS UNUVERSAL GUIDES & The Whole of Life! Simply Sing 'NU~U~U~U' as you go to sleep at night with Your PersonalSelf, and as YU, The RealU, Becomes MoreAware, YU will WakeUp in NUWorlds in Your RealAwarenisss beyond what you have come to know Here. Sing 'NU~U~U~U' with Nature on This Earth and Learn to SeeeMore. JOIN US with Your NULife!

Los Bosques Reales NO hay BosquesReales en la Tierra
Por Caminla Narino

En el LadoReal LaVidaEsss, nuestras Visiones de Sueño… también e visto a estos árboles en su Totalidad de Vida, y también Corales Gigantes petrificados. Por la mayor parte lo que sucede en mi vista es que le estoy tratando de mostrar a las personas que MásAllá que las nubes hay una ‘montaña’ que ES un ArbolReal. Empecé a verlos en diferentes aventuras que tuve después de darme cuenta de que eran, y con experiencias físicas y en el LadoReal, esta es la Vista MásGrande.

Por Caminla Narino

Mientras la naturaleza crece se repite a sí misma en una escala pequeña o grande... los bosques que vemos son los restos de una destrucción MASSIVA de los BosquesReales. Los árboles que conocemos solo son arbustos grandes, comparados a los ArbolesReales que antes vivan en la tierra. Hay muchos rastros de los arboles Gigantes alrededor del mundo, como La Torre del Diablo en Wyoming EEUU. Cuando entras al parque la información oficial de los científicos es que una gran explosión de lava del centro de la tierra se petrifico a esta formación perfecta de un tronco de árbol a una ¿roca? Pero cuando comparado a los troncos de los ‘arboles’ (arbustos) se puede reconocer como un GIGANTE TRONCO DE ARBOL PETRIFICADO. Justo como en la película Avatar (James Cameron), como una buena referencia a lo que sucedió aquí en la Tierra cuando los Alienígenas Invasores (cual en la película eran los Humanos del futuro) fueron a otro planeta por sus recursos donde ELLOS eran alienígenas. Eso ya paso AQUÍ.

Por Caminla Narino

Las montañas de la cordillera están atrás de Bogotá. En lo que eh caminado de estas montañas muchas veces observando como han sido reducidas y en la mayor parte, totalmente destruido. En el LadoReal tuve una asombrosa experiencia que estaba escalando y escalando una sección de estas montañas en La Quebrada de La Vieja con unos amigos para que pudiéramos tener una Vista MásGrande. Estos Arboles hubieran sido mucho más grandes que el de La Torre del Diablo. El camino que conozco sube 2,000 metros rápidamente hasta llegar a más de 4,000 metros sobre el nivel del mar. En las veces que e subido para tener una vista MásGrande de la ciudad. Me voy me doy cuenta de algo cada vez... en lo que no tiene sentido de lo que ha sido creado; con la destrucción planeada del Ambiente TotalmenteNatural como una manera de Kontrolar la población. Esto tiene que ver totalmente con las Distorsiónese este Mundo de Apariencias. De lo que e visto en Colombia, las montañas ya han sido totalmente taladas, y Kontroladas. Mientras observaba los Ambientes Naturales Reales del musgo de los pocos parques donde si se conserva, ES TotalmenteVivo con incluso con frutos deliciosos como LULO silvestre. ¡Estas montañas están conectadas al Paramo donde NACE EL AGUA! Un Ambiente Totalmente Vivo que no tiene sentido que este lleno de Pinos que deterioran la tierra, dejándola infértil. Estos son medidas de Kontrol sobre la GranjaHUmana, para mantener a las masas inconsciente en su posición como el Ganado de los Kontroladores Mundiales. Es planear a propósito la destrucción del Ambiente para en ves de vivir con el Ambiente TotalmenteNatural que nos sostiene a todos, los humanos se encuentran en una posición dependiente en el Sistema, lo cual no tiene que ver con ningún tipo de beneficio, sino solo con una Agenda de Kontrol Mental TOTAL. La sima de la montaña tiene una virgen y una gran cruz justo como tantas por todo el mundo ‘civilizado’ tienen un marcador de muerte IGUAL como a el de todas las tumbas de los cementerios como un símbolo. Es la tumba de la montaña. No un lugar sagrado para demostrar la misericordia de los dioses y autoritarios. Todo a sido totalmente distorsionado para lograr el acuerdo común sobre la población.

Everyone can Learn to Become MoreAware and Make Better Choices by Singing The NU~U NUSound. - KataIS

Por Caminla Narino

Tube una experiencia del LadoReal donde estaba mirando a esta montaña, y aunque estaba nublado por encima justo como en la imagen, podía ver que era un ArbolReal. Esta experiencia fue un par de semanas antes de que tomara esta imagen, en el camino a La Chorrera en Colombia, (una casca muy alta) que fue justo como mi vista en la experiencia del LadoReal.

Por Caminla Narino

Con el tamaño de este tronco, este árbol hubiera medido alrededor de 60 kilómetros de altura. ¡¡¡Así de GRANDE!!! Junto también con las otras plantas y animales gigantes que hubieran vivido en este Ambiente TotalmenteNatural. Esto tiene sentido ya que el musgo que crece en las rocas, raíces, y troncos de la naturaleza es todo un microambiente en una escala mas grande o pequeña de si misma. Los bosques que vemos hoy son el microambiente de los BosquesReales Gigantes que quedan de las muchas diferentes plantas y animales.

Por Caminla Narino

Es increíble darse cuenta de que estos troncos son los restos de los ENORMES Arboles, pareciera imposible para algunas personas, pero esto demuestra las muy reales distorsiones de la Realidad, y el ambiente en que vivimos hoy.



“Not too long ago, an Adventure like no other started and very few people know about this. I am referring to The RealExperiences I Decided with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruSilent Ones from The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, which in turn refer to the Old Queen of Orion and HER Dumbo King Mate and HER Two Knucklehead Sons, who are Now Nowhere in The Phantom Zone and Lost with ThemSelves. Then there is the Actual Experience of what took place Here on This Planet Earth many eons ago, which is many lifetimes to those who have continuously reincarnated Here. It was Knucklehead ENKI and his 'lame buddies' that came to earth and infected This World with THEIR Nonsense, which is known mainly as politics & religion & the gods of man. ENKI wrote the 'script' for what had been created as the 'dribble' Bible and other such Nonsense that the UNaware HUmans blindly worship and pray to. It is just an 'old black & white movie' that keeps repeating itself, lifetime after lifetime, and the end result is the same, the UNaware Masses keep praying & worshiping to The Old Lord Kalaum God Grog, who by the way is Gruesome Reptilian, but the dumbed down Literalized Socialites on This Planet Earth do not care. All the UNaware HUmans care about is their next 'thrill' that has already been manufactured by the Reptilian Alien TapLinerS (RATS) who are the Real Vampires Ruling This Earth! Aside from the political-religious-spiritual-scientificMadness Here, DUANE & The RealGuides have Decide Something Wonderful for ALL! But, those who want to take part Must Prepare ThemSelves, or they will miss this once-in-a-lifetime-chance to WakeUp ALL The Way. The UNaware have been taught & educated to be 'self-convinced' and by this very fact, they are holding themselves in a self-imploding situation that can take lifetimes to escape, if ever. There are NO Guarantees in Life, only Choices & Deciding. I am So Grateful that I have Paid Attention to REBISAR & PALL & The RealGuides! ThereIS a NU~GalaxSeee that 'IS' taking place Now! YOU Decide to Seee ALLL with US or not... YOUR CHOICE! MORE TO COME! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN & DEAN VAL with The NUKIDS on FACEBOOK & BLOG TALK RADIO about HOW to DONATE & JOIN US for a REAL WAKEUP NOW!
DUANEVA Represents REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides with The RealConnection 'NU~U~U~U' & THE NUWAVIS THE ALLLISSS LIFEIS!
SKYPE: misskelseyis +1.757.284.9689 / valdisvitols +1.650.823.1460




“Just like ALL of US, Trees, Birds, Water & This Planet Earth Respond to what each of US Decides! It is time for Everyone to Become MoreAware and Learn to SeeeMore than just a PersonalLife that is limited to the creations that keep harming The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Care about This Planet Earth and Everything that corresponds to This World & Everyone Here! WWWE Sing 'NU~U~U~U' as The RealConnection with The Whole of Life, as The NUSong Relates to ALLLife, as Everything 'IS' Their Own RealAwarenisss Here. The NUSong 'IS' NUNow and replaces what was in the past. The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, is no different than The RealAwarenisss of a Tree, Bird, Plant, Animal, and even This Earth that YOU StandOn and The Oceans YOU LUV! Sing 'NU~U~U~U' with Everything and Learn to 'Seee The Difference' with YourSelf and also The RealSide LifeIS, Your DreamVisions! WWWE Provide RealGuidance & RealEducation like no one else! Let Life Show YOU 'What 'IS' Real Now!' Most UNaware People have their 'ideas' about Life, but Real'IS'tically, LifeIS what 'IT' Already 'IS' so it Makes Sense to 'Let Life Show YOU' What 'ITTT~ISSS' NOW!




“YOU Already Know about what you have learned since you have been Here. As YOU Look out unto This World, there are so many 'things' that You Know and have been involved with. You Know how to dress yourself, how to turn on the lights where you live, start your computer, how to drive your car or ride your bike or skateboard, know what you are doing at the job you work at, you know how certain people are and how they react and will react to situations that you have experienced with them, you live in a country where there is a government and you 'think' you know what they are about, and then there is the 'god & savior' ideas that have been marketed to the UNaware Masses and YOU 'think' you know what that is about too... YOU KEEP 'THINKING' YOU KNOW A LOT... REALLY!? The Whole of Life, that which you do Not Know 'IS' So Much More than What YOU Do Know and 'IS' The TruReality LifeIS, but YOU Must Learn to Recogn'IS'e this for YourSelf, or stay at the Mercy of What YOU Know! YOU and Almost Everyone Here has been taught, conditioned & indoctrinated into 'thinking' they really do Know Something, when in Fact, what YOU & Everyone has come to Know, is Actually Keeping YOU in a Demise and Destroying This Planet Earth and YOU Keep Agreeing to This! WHY? Because YOU are Not Seeeing with Your RealAwarenisss, The RealU... YOU are Seeing from Your KONditionedMind and the KONtrolling Systems that have Cleverly 'taught' YOU what you 'think' YOU KNOW, and also Keep YOU UNaware of Your TruPotential! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Care about Everything that 'IS' a RealBenefit and has RealValue! WWWE Show YOU & The RealU, how to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient Now. YOU Decide Your Adventures! / ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN & DEAN VAL with The NUKIDS on FACEBOOK & BLOG TALK RADIO about HOW to DONATE & JOIN US as a UNITED SUPPORTER for a REAL WAKEUP NOW!

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