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Thank YU Duane,


Thank YU for Stepping Up to Share Your Heart, Beeeing, What YU Seee, RecognISe, and have experienced for EVERYONE. Thank YU for not stopping and constantly writing, speaking and taking the time to explain things so that myself and others can Become MoreAware and Free OurSelves of all our restrictions from Lifetimes. Thank YU for always Beeeing There and Your RealHeart on The RealSide. Thank YU for Sharing & Thank YU for going through everything YU have so that Myself and others can have the opportunity to RecognISe what YU have Presented as The 'ISSS.' Thank YU for sharing ThereIS more than Creation, The Gods of Man, the physical body, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Health, Magic, PsycSciences, Sound Good Ideas, The Earth, Being a Good Person, Kind Deeds, God-Realization, Masters, Gurus, Altering Substances, Sensations, Mental Thoughts & Idea, Etheric Subconscious Places and Experiences. Thank YU for Promoting and introducing MySelf and others this Lifetime to RebISar and The Real UNUversal Guides. Thank YU for sharing all the NUTerms and Beeeing REAL. Thank YU for continuing on what PALL presented and Thank YU for Beeeing NU& always NUNowww. Thank YU for everything YU have shown me about Creation, the 5 bodies, the LifeLevels and beeeing Real & Sincere. Thank YU for writing your books, all the courses, groups, and all of your talks. Thank YU for Creating The Greatest Adventure Ever and Deciding what YU ISSS with The ISSS so we can all SeeeMore. Thank YU for all of the opportunities YU have provided and opened up and guided me to Seee. Thank YU for presenting The NU~U NUSound and The NUPresentation. It has allowed me to be creative and do what I want and Seee so much and get out of the old. Thank YU for assisting me and prompting me to do radio shows, make my own videos, do skits, go out into the public. Thank YU for sharing RealGuidance and RealEducation and prompting me to finally write my own book. I ISSS very grateful for YU. No way I would be here without YU. I would not have this RealOpportunity to StandReal without YU. Thank YU for your focIS on the Children and their Pure hearts and your focIS on Purity and Beeeing Real. Thank YU for supporting me in leaving Virginia and with my adventures in Maine and all the fun we have had and so that I could finally come to California. Thank YU for teaching me how to surf. Thank YU for sharing RealSurvival and references that have been vital. There is so much I can thank YU for...Thank YU for Standing Real with RebISar and Pall. Thank YU for beeeing Wonderfulll. Thank YU for Supporting me and everyone who steps up.

Thank YU Eva,


Thank YU Eva for standing Real with Duane. Thank YU for all the years you have been on skype with Duane to share something Real with The World and the ALLHumanitarian Projects and introducing Duane to skype so that Duane has been able to make so many recordings and reach people all around the world with his books and talks. Thank YU for Supporting Duane. Thank YU for translating the books into German. Thank YU for all the images YU have done everyday of the Real UNUversal Guides, The ALLNatural Environment, The Children, and all the wonderful references YU have provided with Duane through your ArtWork and all the WakeUPs with those images as a reference for individuals to discover More and letting people know about The ALLLISSS and The Real UNUversal Guides. Thank YU for Beeeing like a Real Mum. Thank YU for beeeing Wonderfulll and Paying Attention and Learning English. Thank YU for your recordings of The NU~U. Thank YU for so much.



“PALL, Paul Twitchell, when He was Here, did what no one else has done so far for This World. REBISAR & PALL brought forth The NUOpportunity of THE ALLLISSS. From SomeWhere in The Real UNUversisss beyond Creation there were Those who Decided to Share Something Wonderful for ALL. Like Fine Craftsmen, REBISAR & PALL setup The NUOpportunity for The NUPresentation to Become Real Now. PALL started with the 'old ways' of thinking to find a way into the SelfConvictions of the Establishment of UNaware People, who had been persecuted for lifetimes with the ancient 'hell & damnation' sacrificial rhetoric of Kontrol. REBISAR & PALL established an UnSeeen Reality that very few Seee Right Now. It had been so, up until The NUNownisss of THE ALLLISSS, that what Life was considered to be was so, for those who 'think' they know what LifeIS. The NUNow LifeIS 'IS' to be Recogn'IS'ed for What 'ITTT~ISSS' and Cannot be Defined or Considered according to the created authority of the invented systems and their self-convictions. This World Now 'IS' at a point of Deciding to WakeUp to THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS, or stay with the 'old ways' of looking to the invented systems that have infected Your Planet Earth and are Not Letting Go! REBISAR & PALL have made it possible for Me to Share what They started. To Enter The Real UNUversisss of PurSincerity where there is No Restrictions, each person Must Learn to Earn Their Way out of CauseEffect Creation and Stand 100% Real with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS! The Choice 'IS' Always Yours! YOU can stay with what has been created in Creation, or StandReal & CompletelyFree in The ALLLAlivenisss LifeIS. IT 'IS' a RealRecognition with Your RealAwarenisss that enables YU, The RealU, to Seee The Real UNUversisss that 'IS' NowHere. The 'old ways' of gods & heavens are in the Astral Realm of Restrictions. There is No Traveling from Here to There, because ALLLife 'IS' an ISSSNISSS NOW! Recogn'IS'ing Gratitude with REBISAR & PALL 'IS' one of the Many Keys to The Real UNUversisss... YOU DECIDE to Take The Risk!

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