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In 2016 I put together a portable document file full of RealSide Experiences that were being shared in Facebook and my Facebook messenger. The file included chats between NUFriends and I. Here is one message between two of us:

Kelsey: I had a RealExperience this morning, I recognized two guy friends I had from High School in the scene. As I was the objective view I saw these two friends had nubs as arms. In other words, their arms were cut off. As I was viewing the scene I said, "There is nothing I can do, they have everything, they have to take the next steps and decide to Be Real for



Wow These dreams are harsh. What does their cut arms mean? I have seen it with a friend being a robot with his legs cut and know its a harsh dream to experience.


Yeah, it's all fine, Waking Up is so Real, and better than being boring like everyone else, it's so much better to take off the mask, and learn to have fun with things with a light heart. The earth humans are driving their polluting vehicles to their jobs that destroy the Natural Environment, living in maya, I Seee more from The RealSide, like being with MerMaids and dolphins, living in a Natural Environment with fruits, trees, and Endlisss Skies, beeeing with RealBeings and Becoming MoreAware. Thanks for sharing your experience, as more people focus on technology that is not beneficial that's what they are becoming, robots, no legs because they are going no where- except into a self-demise of more unconscious and unaware controlled lifetimes by the Reptillians, Kalaum God, Influence, and Supreme Deceptor because of what they are deciding. It's their choice, no one else, everyone has free will to decide, and your free will is scary. Many have been with The RealUNUversal Guides, RebISar, Pall, Duane, Kata, Eva, Yauble, Gopal, Lai, Rami, Towart, Fubbi and others but have made the choice and decision with their free will to leave The RealGuides and so they are still wandering in Creation trying to WakeUP and Recognize What IS Real. We are lucky and very fortunate, it only makes sense to share our gratitude with the world so others can have this opportunity. Even if 1 out of 1,000,000 gets this and it assists the individual, it is worth it, because that's how precious each beeeing ISSS. We ISSS all from the ISSS, this ISNIS, Life already IS here&now. There is so much beneficial technology like Tesla presented, and even moreso that we can utilize today. but who has the RealCourage to bring this through and be clever about it? We can learn to Recognize our RealAwarenisss and communicate Telepathically through impressions, to where we don't even need cell phones or computers. I came into the scene of the RealSide and saw another young gentleman I knew from high school. As I watched the scene I was shown he committed suicide. I was seeing his decision and intention with self-destruction and self-demise. The last time I saw this individual physically he was drinking alcohol excessively with hard drugs and psychedelics, as he was drinking every night almost he showed me cuts on his body where he was mutilating himself. This individual is a Risk-Taker in his own way, but right now he is not Seeeing the way out, and I understand because it is hard, he's Seeeing suicide will allow him to Seee more, and it's not for me to say, but it's a roll of the dice each lifetime.

With the friends I knew from high school and having nubs as arms, it's another way of showing they have cut themselves off, and cut themselves off from doing things for themselves. It's like they were unable to do things for themselves because they have decided to cut themselves off from life, like being in a straight jacket and not being able to move. There's many sides to this, but that's what I'm Seeeing right now.


You were Seeeing possibly his short term intention to suicide. Possibly that was his idea at that moment.

Kelsey: Yes, I also Seee after having seen his reaction to the presentation of The TruReality LifeIS that right now he is deciding to not WakeUP, but rather to stay asleep in all of his encumbrances, which I understand because like any of us we have a lot going on seen and unseen with what we have decided. That's what's so cool about knowing The RealGuides is that situations, emotional, mental, etheric TapLines can be cleared up quickly and more easily, and there can really be a smooth transition you might say. It's always ok to have a clean view and position for yourself.

NUFriend: That makes sense.

Update from November 23, 2017

I saw this same friend I referenced about 3 months ago on the I laid my body down I was eventually in another position. I saw individuals I knew from high school in a two story house with dimly lit party scene. This individual previously demonstrated his intention to eventually commit suicide. Now, he was walking around this house party house, somewhere created in the Astral Realm. His face was very distorted and foggy. He really did not look up at me. A part of him was afraid and having a difficult time to look up at me. All he had to do was look at me and it was possible for things to be okay for him and in a better position, but it was too hard. I grabbed him and said his name, then said "This is not a dream. You are not dreaming. This is Real." This is an individual that is aware of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection, but not aware of his 5 bodies and the holes that can be put in the aura when not having a RealProtection with these activities. It was all showing up that he was stuck in his own dimension, I was very aware in the experience, just like here when you a trying to revive someone who is knocked out, or wake them up for school - they are somewhere else, but again he really was not able to look at me and see, he was afraid that this really was not 'Just a Dream.'

Previously on the RealSide, I was in a restaurant with a buffet. There was a hot buffet and a salad bar. I was hanging around the salad bar looking at the greens and tomatoes. When we are paying attention what we eat can be demonstrating to us something particular. For instance sometimes lettuce represents money. I lived with a 10 year old and her mother for a few months and she recognized the RealSide here. One of her experiences she shared with me is she was in school and taking out a lunch from her desk to eat, while the teacher told her not to. What this was demonstrating is that she wanted to eat more, she wanted to absorb more, more knowledge, and she wasn't getting it in school from the teacher, as school is really nothing more than indoctrination and brainwashing.

So I was at this buffet and some of these same fellows from high school and that I mentioned in my previous experiences were there. They started to wave me over, and said "Hey come sit down." So I started to walk over towards their table, there was three of them so I was scooting into the booth to sit with them, as this light dangled over us. The the friends said, "You can only sit with us if you don’t be Real. If you don’t talk about what’s Real." So this was 'Food for Thought' so to speak, they were saying if you're fake and play along then that's fine...well it is fine, but I made a choice to get up walk towards the other end of the buffet, which opened a new door for me, and that was a Real Friend was sitting in a booth where the wall opened up and their were waterfalls and wonderful nature. This was cool. And you know what else was funny? There was a red sports car there waiting for me, spinning on a turn table like I had won the wheel of fortunate. Vehicles are like our other bodies we use to gain experiences, so I now had a nice vehicle to continue to Seee More.

There's always a better choice, and a better understanding that can be had, or you can decide your misunderstanding, it's all up to you, as YU and only YOU are the decider of your life, Have Fun creating your NUAdventure with others!

Here are a couple of images from the 90s of myself and my sister, I'm the little one.

This is the home I grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia.

You can Seee anyone's RealIntent with Your RealAwarenisss - Kelsey Lynne Brown

We went to Nags Head, Hatteras Island, Kitty Hawk area every summer and many times a year. This is on the Sound Side of North Carolina.

THE REAL RAZORS EDGE... Very few people will Seee What IS Real Now with The Whole of Life. Just like in the movie, 'Noah,' even though Noah was demonstrating to the villagers what he was doing, they still could not See it and had their own ideas, which became destructive, as this is the way of most unaware people. THE NUWAVIS THE NUU~IS~MAN NOW IS The NUNowniss of The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. For those who Take The Risk and explore what I am presenting, they alone have The Real Opportunity to See Beyond all their Self-Made Restrictions into Real UNUverses of RealFreedom. To have RealFreedom Now, YU, The RealU, must 'Walk The Edge!' This is the only way to Free YourSelf from The Matrix of Creation. Read My NUBook and Live The RealAdventure!

- Duane The Great Writer


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