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Over the past 3 years I have learned so much from Duane The Great Writer and The RealUNUversal Guides. I'm so grateful to have met these Great BEEEings. These individuals have showed me how save my own life in the TruSense- which is the RealAwarenisss moreso than the 5 bodies we occupy in creation, and the other known and mostly unknown and unseen parts of ourselves. The RealUNUversal Guides, RebISar, GoPall, Yauble, ShamsIS and others have taken the Risk into the Wonderful Endlisss Unknown so now I can stand in a position and share something that can possibly assist others for themselves.

After living outside on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach I moved into a townhouse in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach. I had gone through a lot in the years prior to recognize most did not really have the motivation to realistically take the risk to create a benefit for everyone. Most things understandably were about their social life and drugs only. Some individuals I knew looked at their dreams and even saw them as more real than this passing dream we live in the physical. As an example there was a young lady that many times visited her boyfriend that left his physical body here due to a car accident. For her, her Dream Experiences, or RealSide Experiences were real, but her position is whatever she has chosen now. Many others I was around saw my RealSide Experiences like some kind of dream and they saw it as somewhat interesting, as I saw my friends all the time on the RealSide, but for whatever reason the surface world and playing fake like high school was much more important to them. So, I started to take my own risks, which most knew nothing about, mostly because many never approached me to learn anything that I was experiencing or becoming aware of. Sometimes I did relay my RealSide Experiences to those I considered friends, but as I talked I saw myself drowning these individuals out, and in the same instance nothing ever became resolved, I talked to certain individuals and things always came around in a never ending circle, just like cause and effect creation, with no recognition, but it was easy for me to Seee there was and IS something more, so outside of situations I tried to Seee if other individuals were Seeeing more, but what I saw is their self created fences and gates to where they never left, they were like wandering zombies in a graveyard not recognizing the iron gates can open. How they looked at things on the surface was that their situations they had been living for untold lifetimes were romantic, like trying to make graveyards and the grime reaper romantic. It's like wanting to go back to the Roman Times where there was slavery and hard life of all sorts because the wine tasted nice.

In the Kempsville area I lived in a townhouse with others. Living in the townhouse there were 4 individuals at a time and other times there were 6 total. While living in this townhouse I recognized head on I had write, because of the experiences I was going through. I found that for those around me, it’s easy to do what everyone else does, being a cog in the machine, a robot. It's so simple and who wants to take the risk and time to face themselves and everything they don't know? I quickly recognized it takes RealCourage to step out into the unknown and not only that, but to continually do so, looking from my RealAwarenisss now, what else is there? Besides the Unknown and the risk....well there is always more. Duane tells about endlisss ISSISSS and what an adventure it is. There is always so much we don't know, and that becomes the best part, and meeting those individuals that are interested in a PurSeeeing and PurBeeeing, and to do something realistically, wow, that takes RealCourage. Listening to Duane and The RealUNUversal Guides, and observing those 'out there' as I have been presenting The NU~U and whatever makes sense from The RealUNUversal Guides and Life ITSelf for some 3 years now, I can Seee what Duane means "Very few will discover, and most of all recognize THE ALLLISSS, because IT IS far too Real."

"From the PsycRealms with its defined Literal Senses of existence, The RealUNUverses are especially unique for their PurQuality of Clear and Clean Realness. This is why it is hard for anyone to imagine Reality, because IT IS far too Real and Wonderful." From NUBook Six, Your DreamVisions. What I discover for myself is that it is, really real, realer than real, it's so real real real. Many, if not most individuals are afraid to present what IS Real and Makes sense, while they are thinking that they are the true individual, but realistically they are following the crowd, like everyone else, because look at this world, mostly everyone is agreeing to their own demise and the demise of the planet that supports them. As for the crowd, the crowd basically goes nowhere but the mall, and if that's where you want to be only- fine, but to be Unique and YourSelf is much more Real and Wonderful for ALL Life, and then You are backed by Life, that sounds fun and with no bounds or restriction, free to Seee and Recognize whatever YU want. This is what I have come to Seee and Recognize through Duane, RebISar, Pall and the other RealGuides' demonstrations.

Many Individuals are 'Having Fun' Living Their LA LA Land Life of Brushing Their Teeth with Rat Poison Chemical HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID and feeding this lethal drug to their precious children, injecting them with lethal vaccines and so on. As this chemical is in every Soda Pop Drink and most Foods Today, along with things like aborted fetal cells, aspartame, and genetically modified corn syrups. We're also cooking and bathing in this poison. Look at the sky, it is filled with poisonous and toxic ChemTrails. Does anyone have time to do anything about this? Or is your one-dimensional desk job more important? Whatever. Most People are Not Paying Attention to the 3 main ingredients for Survival which are RealFood, RealAir, and RealWater. Does this make sense? Well for me, as long as I am here I want to know what I am eating, drinking, and breathing, so that I can do something about it, make a better choice, become more aware with my RealAwareniss or be the conscious effect of what is taking place, instead of unconscious and unaware which leads to more lifetimes of the same old non-sense, drudgery and struggle to wake up.

If you have Children or know children I suggest to talk to them about their dreams. They can begin to show you a lot of things, as they are not conditioned like the dumbed down unaware adults driving their petroleum vehicle to their 9-5 boring jobs destroying the world every day. Many Children meet with Fairies and Fly in their dreams. As well as here in the physical, if YU are open they will share many wonderful things. The Children can and will wake this world up through their RealSide Experiences and by sharing. So will you open that door? You can, it is all a real adventure that you can decide. We have created in the past year The NUSchool HomeSchool as a start for Children, and this can and will be expanded upon as Children share their RealSide Experiences and teach the adults.

It also makes sense to have your Children involved in what is Taking Place. Educating them accordingly. There are so many wonderful simple things like Planting a Garden, Having a BeeHive, Raising Chickens or Composting to StandReal with The ALLNatural Environment. Show the Children what WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators are doing with the UNUversal UNUversities and The ALLSolar Research Vessels, as these will be more than even RealCareers, but a RealPurpose, and huge one. There is so much to be done, and your children can be at the forefront and involved in something so real, wonderful and beneficial for all, that shows individuals to become self-sufficient in the TruSense.

It also makes sense to educate your children about the ChemTrails, Lethal Vaccines and Microwaves as this is their World and right now what most children are living in. Not to focus too heavily on these subjects, as that is not the idea, but it gives a comparison for what does make sense from what does not. The Children are The Future Now. Really. This is their world, and yours. How do you want it to be? If you just pretend or ‘think’ in your mind it is ALL OK then your children will be living with the effects of your unawareness and what you have decided, a ruined planet just like mars.

Doing a simple google search of HAARP, PROJECT BLUE BEAM, LETHAL WIFI, LETHAL VACCINES, LETHAL MICROWAVES, is so easy. The Children can do this on their own and get involved with educating the adults, friends and family. The RealEducation comes from the RealSide and what they can Seee to bring in beyond this world. Because we know these things are taking place, but what can we do about it? The ALLSolar Research Vessels and Self-Sufficient Communities is a huge undertaking and there will be more that comes of this as the Children become involved. They really are the Future here and It makes sense they are Aware of what Is taking place so They can Realistically DU something instead of simply agreeing with Destroying everything because it will not be good here for them if things continue on as they do, which really becomes worse.

I have looked at so many insidious video games of today that basically demonstrate killing and murdering everything. I lived in a house with a 21 year old and a 10 year old that played video games exactly of this nature, along with their young friends. Does this make sense? Did the Native Americans or Indigenous peoples with any sense do this? The Natural Environment is being totally destroyed and children are being programmed to destroy it, just like YOU. It is the same programming that puts individuals into the 'patriot' idea, which is an idea and illusion, that gets individuals to agree to destroy others, devastate their land, and steal their resources for the reptilians and their games because they are bored and this is simply what they do.

There is an Interesting Video Game with The Name ‘FallOut’ which basically takes place in a post apocalyptic environment with Radical Radiation everywhere after an Atom Bomb exploding. They're probably on the 6th programming of this video game by now. All this stuff is totally subliminal, the movies, everything. They use different mind control techniques in movies, like Alpha, Beta and otherwise. They are all different programs that are ran through the movies through words, language, body language, color, object, sound and more. Just like anything heard on the radio today and popular music is put on a specific frequency of mind control. One of the movie greek alphabet programs is to make the individual inflict self-harm. Look at the world, it is self-destructing. There are so many taking their physical bodies out today, of all ages, there are so many slitting their wrists and other not so obvious self-harm unconscious choices and habits, like cigarette smoking, or driving a petroleum vehicle. These are only examples as there are so many, and I suggest to read Duane The Great Writer's NUBook Three, 'The Real Far Country' to learn more about this.

Just like the movies and the video games of disasters and 'end of the world' scenarios. This is what is happening today. The Oceans are dying, they are basically dead, the fish, birds, whales, coral reefs and dolphins are washing up on beaches everywhere today. Fukushima is still taking Place along with other Methane Releases in Places like California and The BP Oil Spill, as the Popes, Presidents, Masters, Gurus, and New Age Be Positive Philosophers ‘Nothing affects me anyway’ Are not doing or saying anything but 'that it will all get better and we're in the 5th dimension,' which is nothing more than these individuals being in dementia. But it is all still taking place and as long as YU have a physical body here YOU are effected. This IS Your Planet too. And it is OK to not agree with Deception and The Distortion of the ALLNatural Environment That Supports ALL of US Equally. I've been through all the ideas you have, and they don't work.

Most Children LUV Animals and LUV Nature, but if you don’t take them outside and They Don’t see what IS Really Taking Place with The Trees Dying of Toxic ChemTrail Rain then how can they do anything? LifeIS ALL About Waking Up and Becoming MoreAware so it makes sense to be with Life and The Natural Environment that we call Nature on this level. There Really are Better Ways of Doing Things. Everyone can always make better choices and becoming MoreAware is the first step.

Most People Look to The Outer Front, The Religious and Political Scene of things, ‘Thinking’ in their minds they will do something, and yes, maybe they’ll do something here and there but it is only to schmooze you over for HUman Kattle Farming. YU are the Herded Kattle lifetime after lifetime until YU WakeUP and Can Eventually Face YourSelf and Recognize the ALLLISSS.

Look at everyone all ‘Popped’ Out on Music and Meaningless things, Ask YourSelf Is this what you want your Life to BE only? Talking about the newest car or how pretty YOU can be? Well, with the NU~U NUSound YU can have Everything, and negate nothing, just make sense of things. This IS The RealLUV Everyone IS looking for, but very few will have The RealCourage to Recognize it this lifetime and next lifetime there is no guarantee YOU will Have The awarenisss to SEEE. This Is a Very Privileged Position to BE in and for myself, I do not take It for granted, as every moment IS Real...I du my best. DU is Duane's name with the ISSS, because he always does and shares something for ALL, in the TruSense, which is beyond the physical and the psych realms in creation, negating nothing.

My RealIntent for sharing my RealExperiences is so YU can WakeUP, Become MoreAware and SEEE what IS possible and that there IS so much more for YourSelf past this physical realm and psych realms of cause and effect, and The Gods of Man, that there are RealUNUversIS that DU Exist.

Here is a RealSide Experience I had demonstrating what I have been Learning from RebISar, Pall, Duane The Great Writer, and The Real UNUversal Guides on the RealSide LifeISSS. Listen to the SoundCloud link below to hear Duane's VU of the Experience.

The Rescuer, January 4, 2016

There was a large navy ship on the ocean and there was a large opening about ¾ of the way up on the ship to just about the top, high and wide so fighter jets could fly in as this was their purpose. These jets were the RealUNUversal Guides and those in training. As I saw the scene I asked, “What happens if someone didn’t have a purpose like flying in the jets?”

RebISar said, “That doesn’t happen.” And I looked at myself, '"What a relief."

Then a man went under the water of the ship in the ocean and it looked like this man was going to ‘die,’ or drown in the psych realms of creation because he couldn’t go forward to swim up and out, and the ship was going to crush him or he didn't have enough air and for him what he was viewing, there was no way out.

Then that’s when I noticed my Awarenisss come in the experience of this man’s body and I then saw I could just swim out to the side and come up and have enough air. As I recognized who this individual was, and I had more experience to recognize how to get out of this situation and be ok, so that's what I did, because he allowed it.

So then the man popped up in the Elizabeth River and there was a boy carrying a girl in front of him. They were headed to the ocean having fun as a demonstration everything was ok. The girl and the boy were like our personal selves.

The man who popped up was a little scared that he didn’t know where to go. I appeared in my female body and waved him over that he could just go over to the docks, to the ports mouth and easily get on land, he would not have to swim so long.

At the same time a friend of mine who has told me he is interested in NU~U and what WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators are duing showed up.

In the physical I told him to read one of the NUBooks and watch his RealSide Experiences, well, looks like he was, and still is, this friend wanted to ask me questions in the experience, so then I went over to the docks in the water and talked with him answering questions and the experience finished. This Experience was a demonstration to both him, I and others, as there are so many viewpoints and parts to it.

I came here to DU my RealPurpose with The RealUNUversal Guides, and so did so many others, YU The RealU IS here to WakeUP, but in the meantime you have been distracted by whatever...this IS everyone's RealPurpose to WakeUp and Endlisssly Recognize The ALLISSS, Have Fun Deciding!


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