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As I watched the RealSide I entered the Second Floor of a former friend's townhouse. Where I was, was somewhere, like in the Twilight Zone. This scene was taking place in the Astral Realm, as this is the place of the Astral Realm, Level #2. I looked over at my friend as I was able to see he was still on this level because he has decided to be. He has not taken the time, patience, nor focus to Recognize better positions for himself, or get past himself with all of the wants and desires he has.

Suddenly, his face began to shift. The face and eyes of this individual slightly turned reptilian, but what happened next was more than prominent. The entire head of my former friend transformed into a psychedelic ooze.  

Why did I have such a short experience and SEEE my friend's head in this way? When I look at my RealSide Experiences or any Experience I du my best to simply be real about it, and make sense of it, without the emotion, or even the mind or else you become those things which are not you, the five bodies, physical/5 senses, astral/emotional, causal/memory/pastlives, mental/mind, etheric/subconscious, but are actually only your creations.

Until individuals decide to SeeeMore & have a Real Understanding and want to Realistically, and I du mean Realistically, StandReal and Recognize their RealAwarenisss with The Real UNUversal Guides and Life ITSelf, the personal mind, senses, and self with its ideas thinking it knows itself and knows everything, which it cannot because the mind and little personal self here is like a computer, but not the Real Heart & Beeing of YourSelf, that literal mind that thinks it knows everything and more than Life ITSelf will take the individual's RealBeeing and Intent astray into mainly the lower Astral Worlds because most humans love their sensations.  

I have seen some have RealSide Experiences with those they have known, like friends or family and totally deny what they are Seeeing. It is like a woman that is beaten and continually decides to stay with the man instead of Seeeing her own survival depends on the removal of herself from the relationship. We have all been there many lifetimes, many times in many different scenarios.

From a VU I can understand, but what most are thinking with their personal minds is a misunderstanding, and a choice that I am fine with.  So, what du I mean? When you look at the world, and even other dimensions and planets that have mostly been created for you to agree with as limitations what is basically there, really, not just your ideas and what you think? When you really look at these places from your RealAwarenisss you Seee, Religion, Spiritual ideas, paths, ways, Rituals, Restrictions, Science, Tricks, Psychic, Transcendental, Philosophy, Politics, Rules, Regulations etc. There are beeeings on these levels that are supported by your agreement, just like you support what you do here on the earth. As The RealLight from The RealUNUverIS IS brought into Creation through the Psych Realms this can be scary for some as they du not understand it.

The Supreme Deceptor, The Kalaum, and especially what can be seeen, The Influence, Reptilians, Queens, Kings, Pope, Politicians etc, du not want this RealLight to come through, as they will lose their support and agreement for the positions they have accumulated as TakeOvers. In this respect the Influence or the Kalaum can disguise itself to try to trick you from stepping away from The RealLight, The Real UNUversal Guides, LifeISSS, and those Presenting with their whole Intent here in Creation, on The Earth for you to finally have what is RealFreedom in a RealPosition that ISSS.

One example is Harry, the Fake Puppet Master of Eckonkon, The Big Kon, who is deceiving and TapLining thousands, has disguised himself as Rebazar on many occasions, but eventually he has only been able to hold the form of Rebazar for so long, or his words and phrases start to give way of his tricks.

My friend that I saw his head turn psychedelic was bombarded by all angles, here & on The RealSide by The Supreme Deceptor, Influence, and Kalaum as he had a very fortunate and privileged position with me through different positions of sharing & duing this with The Real UNUversal Guides and Life ITSelf.

So what was the psychedelic head of my friend showing me? Why are there individuals that want to do psychedelics today? Well there are many VUs to that, and one is the marking ploy that is offered as many that share about psychedelics are actually hired by the alphabet agencies to do so. I can go more into detail about this, but if you are really interested check out my YouTube Channel as I have many videos on this subject. In essence, YOU are in HUman Farming and being Tested and Experimented on so that you are more easilly Kontrolled & the Kontrollers can make new ways to Kontrol YOU, keeping you dumbed down, unaware and unconsciously reincarnating. Some of these individuals telling their far out stories with psychedelics are no longer on the earth even, but young individuals today are watching their videos looking for their next thrill, sense of self, enlightenment or whatever, I understand, that's why I'm writing this. Another VU is escape, because who does not want to get out of this place when you look around and basically no one really cares about nothing? I understand, I really du, but here's the thing with psychedelics, you are thinking that you are discovering something about 'yourself,' having an 'aha moment,' but all your are finding is your own Creations. What YOU, & YU, The RealU ISSS Really Looking for ISSS Your RealAwarenisss. With psychedelics you never run into anything but yourself and what you have created and trying to figure that out accordingly. You Seee Your Distortions which again are your Creations, but you are not gaining a Real Recognition of Your Real Self, Your Real Beeeing, & The Heart of YourSelf. Psychedelics are only in cause & effect creation, the 6 Psychic Realms, hence psych - edelic. What is beeeing revealed to you is your creations, not what you are really looking for. Everyone is looking for the RealU, and the RealHeart & beeings of themselves, and YU du not need psychedelics to du it.

Another VU is, especially when you do not have a RealProtection with The NU~U & Real UNUversal Guides you are allowing your aura to be opened up and entities to come in. These entities can seem nice at first and eventually turn nasty. As was the case with Edgar Cayce's son who did automatic writing but eventually the situation turned into a nightmare. These beings will constantly want to drag you back into their hells. I saw about a being that is often met when taking ayahuasca and how this being has began to actually harvest the energies of others as it has even began to feel an abuse from all those ingesting it. After you have done psychedelics you are often wanting more, to du more or Seee more, some find a purpose that goes no further than the earth or the astral realm and others want to du more psychedelics, what if I told YU, Your RealAwarenisss ISSS better & more Real than any psychedelic experience You can have because Your RealAwarenisss ISSS a RealPosition and a Recognition YOU can decide to live in always? And a continuous Journey, that ISSS Endlisss and Awesome and not just a 'Trip' that you have to 'come and go' 'here and there' to 'places' 'back from'? Well it is so possibly, and as YU decide the Real UNUversal Guides will assist YU into becoming a Real Person in The RealUNUverIS that will take your whole life and moreso. That is a RealPurpose and sounds like a lot more fun than anything here on the earth, especially more fun than a boring 9-5 job, or always 'searching' for something because You are lost Here. Your RealAwarenisss ISSS what YU, The RealU has been looking for, but will you take the Humility, Sincerity, Gratitude, and Purity as a few huge endlisss examples to Recognize it? You always decide if you want to go back to Creation, Your Personal Self, Whims, Desires, La La Land which looks interesting but is really boring, and I have seen many that have, but for myself I know what is Real and I'll Stand Real with The Real UNUversal Guides and Life ITSelf, or what are you going to go back to those that du not know what their RealPurpose is, that are not demonstrating it, that are unaware, unconscious effect of everything through the Psych Realms and so much other nonsense? Pay attention, you are on a dying planet, and it's only getting worse. Do you want to come back to this or another ruined poisoned, polluted, restricted, planet or dimension or du YU want to take the time, your entire life, and more to Recognize Endlisss Pur RealUNUverIS? You always Decide, Every moment, No one decides for you.

Children can often Seee Life ITSelf before they are too conditioned with ideas, reactions, thoughts about themselves and they du not need drugs or psychedelics for any of this, what they often lack is the Recognition and parents to guide them and show them their RealBeeing & RealPurpose. Your RealPurpose ISSS to Recognize Your RealAwarenisss, Endlissly, & it is so cool, you can accomplish this by duing something for ALL & sharing something Wonderful for ALL like the NU~U, The NUBooks & The Children's Benefit Concerts and ALLHumanitarian Projects WWWE are duing. LifeISSS beyond the Psychic Realms and Creation, which all exists here & now.

You think you are all these ideas, considerations, assumptions you have about yourself. You think you are pretty, cute, or handsome, or even ugly and mean. You think you are wonderful, good person, bad person, nice, kind, genuine, lovely, young, old, decrepit, healthy, fat, skinny, muscular, toned, or have the best hair, whatever, You 'Think' You Know You, but over and over you prove this is not so by what YU decide to du. The RealU Stands Real with The Real UNUversal Guides and The ALLLISSS & it takes time to Recognize and Understand this, so Have Fun with it. All the while these things you are thinking about yourself are not you, no thoughts, no ideas, no emotions, no memories, nothing you go about thinking from day to day, all of these things are made up creations by you, that can appear solidified in some way. What you are thinking about You is your Creations, and it is the same when you take psychedelics and look for some kind of self-realization, discovering, or to find out why you do this or that, why you are the way you are, why you have a certain attitude or way about you. Well it is because YOU have decided & created it and all you are running into is distortions and creations of yourself. There is more of a difference between your creations which you think are you and Your RealAwarenisss than there is black and white, night and day. There is no comparison.

Everyone demonstrates themselves with what they decide to du, share, put out there, etc, and most are taken by their desires and wants and seduced by the influence whether that is partying, relationships or yachting, or a million things, the influence can even seduce you with a wonderful beach. I'm not saying not to du these things, but make sense of it, from Your RealBeing, Your RealAwarenisss. Most HUmans are physical astral and really Seee nothing more. Can YU Recognize the Heart of YourSelf and the Heart of Someone? That's Real, but that can take a lot, even your whole life and more, but du YU have the intent to du it, to Stand Real with The Real UNUversal Guides? It's a decision and every lifetime we go through so much experience and decide so much drama, agony, pain, happiness, good times, flying, drugs, money, whatever, to get to one moment of Recognition, that's what everyone really wants, but in the mean time you are lost in creation chasing thrills and bodies. Have what You want, but learn to Seee & Recognize what ISSS Real, Your RealAwarenisss or you will get bored with yourself and everything. Your RealAwarenisss is a TruBeeeing, it can OverVU and Seee Everything, YU ISSS Beeeing of Real, PurLight where YU can decide if YU want to Recognize & Beee with others or Stand in Your own Endlisss UNUverISSS.

So, my friend's psychedelic head, it's sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope and you see all these beautiful colors, and in your mind they are fantastic but all you are realistically seeeing are nice ideas that sound good in creation and go no further. Looking through that kaleidoscope is a very small VU compared to the Whole of Life which is much bigger. My friend's head turning psychedelic is like all the ideas, desires, wants, urges, pulls, triggers he has and willingly chases and more than gives himself to through his conscious and unconscious choices and decisions every moment as the Influence is always there. Can this individual decide differently at any moment? Yes, of course, but that is a lot more and for now this is only one example I have been shown by life to share with others so that myself and others may Recognize IT and RealSurvival. 

That psychedelic VU is what he looks out through, not Seeeing the World and the LifeLevels clearly how it is, like the Sun Shining, but more like a distortion from everything he has created, agreed to and decided from millions of other unaware souls and lifetimes. This is also what I want to share from this experience, we all have a lot of these things going on that I mentioned, and mainly in our other 4 bodies and other worlds, other creations, but when YU StepUP with The Real UNUversal Guides and decide to du what they ISSS duing the will take care of so much for You as they Take Care of their Own, and The Real UNUversal Guides will assist YU with clearing so much out, and even du it for YU, and assist YU with a RealFocus.

I suggest to never take The Real UNUversal Guides or any Real Individual for granted, because as soon as you decide that, and continue to decide to take it for granted, your decision becomes to make them not real, and poof they are gone because they will move on, of course they are always there, but it is up to YU, and for YourSelf to Recognize anything in the Future, is no guarantee. I suggest to not take your RealSide Experiences for granted as one experience can save your life. One experience can last a lifetime and you can go off that with The Real UNUversal Guides. Your RealExpereinces with The Real UNUversal Guides, Real Beeeings with Life never go away.

The psychedelic VU is so many Creations and ideas with no RealPurpose or RealFocus and expands from the personal self. Everything is up to YU & What YU Decide. I can write so much on this, but the main point here is, there is a Real difference between Your Creation, Created Self, Creation as a whole & Your RealAwarenisss, and Your RealAwarenisss ISSS what YU have been looking for, not just experiences and so called realizations which again are just about your own creations. YU can du something Real for this world instead of focusing on all the phenomena that gets you no where, and that you have done so many lifetimes before. Decide to Recognize Your RealPurpose & du it, demonstrate it, it doesn't matter what the world does, du what YU, The RealU came here to Realistically and Uniquely du with The Real UNUversal Guides and The Whole of Life & StandReal with those individuals, or do what you have always done, stay the same, get dumber, whatever.

This experience is an example and lesson for you to become more aware & make better choices. My friend with the psychedelic head sees this idea here, then that idea, then runs to this one other idea, and that idea over there sounds good, then this idea takes over, then that, and then that idea over there too, and that one too, so he will latch onto that, and that, and then go to another one, then drugs, knowledge, this restaurant, this food, that bar, that show, then rock' n roll, heavy metal, concerts, music, drugs, girls, sex, extreme non-sense, obsession with whatever, out of control this &thats, that really do look 'normal' and good according to an insane society that destroys its natural environment & itself, the psychedelic head, idea and VU then goes to money, chasing, thrills, highs, stories to tell friends, pain, trickery, lucid dreaming and all other ideas that urge, pull and tug a person. This is where I have seeen & The Real UNUversal Guides can and will clean up so much for the individual as the individual Steps Up.

Purity, Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, and Honor are a few qualities of Endliss Real UNUverISSS that YU decide to Recognize, these are TruRealities and it is not that you have 'got it' or 'are there' it's Endlisss, so Have Fun & YU will Learn a lot.

Read The NUBooks by Duane The Great Writer, Pay Attention to Your own RealSide Experiences, understand the Reality of nothing is Negated, but simply that there ISSS always something more & it Realistically Gets Better! YU can Always Make Better Choices & Live an Awesome RealLife Beyond anything YOU can ever imagine!

Sing NU~U Every Night Before Bed and/or whenever YU like & Write down Your RealSide Experiences ~

Another Lesson, "Who IS Who?"

Have YOU learned to Recognize?

It Takes a While...Everything Shows UP.

This individual was close to me here & on the RealSide, so the Real UNUversal Guides were assisting and protecting him as he was taking risks and assisting me on my journey in his own way, etc.

The RealProtection is Really YourSelf & your own RealAwarenisss. Also The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruSilent Ones will take hits for You, as Yauble Took Lighting Bolts from The Kalaum God as he threw them down at Duane.

My friend was having a situation with government kontrol probation in the physical & other realms, and was going to need to do a monthly check in physically. At the time he ingested a particular plant, and he was concerned that was going to turn into a situation for him at his monthly check in, which The Real UNUversal Guides offset a lot.

Because he had this concern a couple days before, On the RealSide, he was shown in an apartment kitchen, and an individual that looked like a girl friend of his was there, along with myself and another individual appearing as his friend.

The girl friend of his took out a bowl and began to mix it with fruit pectin and other ingredients. She was showing him how he was able to take this mixture in the physical and clean out his body systems before he was to meet with his probation babysitter kontroller.

As one VU, as he shared this with me, I immediately saw this as Kata Daki, a Real UNUversal Guide giving him this demonstration with another one of the boys, as the Real UNUversal Guides or 'the boys,' you will Seee StandReal together on The RealSide, but my friend that had this experiences was very apathetically emotionally attached to the idea that it was his girl friend and guy friend, as that's how he saw things in the astral/emotional/physical, which is fine, the experience took place either way, and he did do this mixture with the fruit pectin and he was fine with his probation.

Many things like this took place where The Real UNUversal Guides and even myself took care and offset things for this individual and for myself from The RealSide. The Real UNUversal Guides du so much for us that is UnSeeen & can be Seeen & Not, and sharing & duing The NU~U & The Real UNUversal Guides & The ALLLISSS IS nothing less than a privilege and a fortunate position that YU have the opportunity to StandReal in. YOU & YU can ALWAYS decide to Seee More & More.. &More....

As I looked at the RealExperience from The RealAwarenisss & The ALLLISSS, I saw these individuals were like DuanEva, like the mother and father preparing and taking care of things.

It makes sense because as an example his friend or friends did not have the Awarenisss to take care, share, or demonstrate what was taking place in the experience and realistically were not concerned about him realistically at all, you might say. There's a lot more to say, always, but YU can learn to Seee, Pay Attention to The RealGuidance & RealEducation & Listen to Life ITSelf, The Real UNUversal Guides, ALLLIFE & PerSeeeve YourSelf.

So, what I'm sharing and what has been shared with me is to look at The RealSide Experiences from Your RealAwarenisss, The ISSS, The ALLLISSS, LifeITSelf & what makes sense. And also to look at the Experience and then use your intuitiveness. There IS more...Have Fun

So Much More Going on, on Your World and The Psych Realms that You are Unaware of..

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