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Meet my mom & I twenty-five years ago.

It's my RealAdventure to share with others and share the opportunity to become more aware. Many times whether I'm in the position we relate to as the physical, or one step over to what we have referenced as the RealSide you may find me tapping others on the shoulder and suggesting they start to pay attention to what is right in front of them. One thing I've often given the suggestion for those I see on the RealSide to investigate is MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Mind Control Programming. I wrote about this briefly in my first book as RebISar, Pall, and Yauble showed me someone who stole the Real UNUversal Guide Pall's (Paul Twitchell's) title from when he first brought forth his presentation known as Eckankar in 1965. There has been an update since Pall left the earth, which is a whole conspiracy on its own and can be seen on the RealSide in the RealUNUversal Files or by reading Duane The Great Writer's NUBook 9 ~ 'The Real Story.' Pall is here and now to show anyone 'What IS Real Now.'

I saw this fake master who has been taken over by the Influence, the third head of the reptilian Kalaum God and he was with certain 3 letter agencies from the earth. I arrived outside at what the reptilian cabal termed as 'sports award banquet.' You may note and research the cabal and reptilian fox hunts they do on the humans, specifically children. What I saw was trophies with monarch butterflies and immediately I started to point and warn the over 100 individuals about Monarch Mind Control. Everywhere around me were men in black suits, this is not the first time the Men In Black have showed up in my experiences, the only thing different now is that they did not have the perception or awareness to Seee me, as I was invisible to them on another frequency. They, like the reptilians and other species that are referred to as aliens are mainly physical astral only, so they can not Seee beyond a certain level as they have decided to only Seee what they have, which is mainly destruction. Members from Skull & Bones Secret Society were there along with many known and unknown politicians from all over the earth. As the black hooded Skull & Bones members began to walk towards the trophies I recognized the fake master who was put in as a puppet from Pall's creation start to creep up. Eight other so called 'High Initiates' of the takeover corporation that were all member-shrimps, illuminati, cabal members walked beside him. Krone the reptilian witch who put the fake master in place was harvesting young souls, as I saw this on the other levels. All of these individuals had hooded drapes over them like from Bohemian Grove as I saw this, I began to subliminally warn those in the audience even more, as the audience was their unsuspecting and unaware victims.

Then men in black suits began to walk towards me and as this was happening the fake master who stole Pall (Paul Twitchell's) title walked to the front of the scene. As he walked towards the front like a prince on his pedestal trying to persuade the crowd to be a member-shrimp and join the Krone corporation.

Suddenly, I appeared in a position behind those sitting in the seats of the crowd. I walk behind them and listen. They start to tell of their past ailments and back aches while being members of the Krone Korporation. As the possibility that some can hear me I tell them to 'listen to their gut' and their intuition as to not interfere with their free will that had been decided self-demise.

We've all had situations, current and past lives with government programming on the different levels, mainly the astral as they are into their experiments, rituals, abuse and remote viewing. There is so much more to this side of things, as you may also look up the hybrid agenda, the breeding of children for the aliens, and cloning. The next time you sing NU~U ask to be shown your TapLines.

What TapLining looks like

A NUFriend from Israel shares his RealSide Experiences with our Wednesday Skype Group


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Sing NU~U to surpass Creation and Recognize The RealUNUversIS of RealFreedom.

Have Fun Sharing and Earning your way Recognizing The ALLLISSS on Your NUAdventure!

Listen to this to learn more about Conscious and Unconscious Agreements to TapLining:

My dad and I twenty-four years ago.

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