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Lucky you the reader to have made it this far. Congratulations you now have the opportunity to consciously become more aware every moment. YOU can decide to Recognize YourSelf Endlissly as a Free Being of RealLight.

That's me, the little one in the middle, about 23 years ago.

Over the past two years and my whole life and other lifetimes I have had many experiences, like all of us and so I have chosen and decided to take the time to write down some of what I have experienced so that possibly it can assist you, as Duane The Great Writer has done with his 9 NUBooks in 'The AdventurIS Series,' thousands of Facebook groups, and thousands of recordings.

Over two years ago I created a meeting at the local library in Kempsville, Virginia Beach. My friend and I rented the room for $10. We walked from our townhouse to the library on a rather chilly day. We arrived and though it was only us there physically I was able to Seee there were other beings there from different levels, some were fairies and other bodies were not recognizable, but I was able to Seee them. So we had some fun presenting The ALLSolar Research Vessel Project and The ALLHumanitarian Projects for the Children.

Later that night on The RealSide I found myself in a library, and though no one was ready to come in the physical to the meeting to learn more about The UNUversal Communities there were those that were stepping up and paying attention on the RealSide. There are many I have met and seen on The RealSide that have not yet stepped up in the physical sense with The Real UNUversal Guides and The ALLHumanitarian Projects as we are all preparing ourselves to start the ALLSolar Vessel Projects.

 It's interesting to note that many times we can Seee how others Seee US on the RealSide, as nothing is hidden and there are no secrets in life.

In the RealSide library there were many individuals sitting on a red floor rug like story time in kindergarten, as the educator, RebISar was reading all of us children a story to become fantastically more aware with our RealAwarenisss. Golden light was spouting from everywhere as he read and we paid close attention!

I decided to sit beside one of the young gentlemen that on the earth and the causal realm was considered a 'popular kid' because of all his excursions to other barren planets that the reptilians have destroyed like Lyra, Vega, and Mars. He had been with the Reptilian Orions and Sirians as in past lives he was a commander of their ships. It's lucky that each of us from all we have been through and decided are able to Recognize the Real UNUversal Guides and the NU~U in the slightest now. This is the Greatest WakeUP Ever! Because we are in the Iron Age, the Kali Yuga, and the final Yuga in this cycle of Creation, until Creation starts over and resets itself!

From the 3 headed Reptilian Kalaum God on the Mental Realm that is backing the Reptilians along with the Influence and the Supreme Deceptor on the Etheric Subconscious Realm it is all an effect on earth with the distortion, demise, and deception these individuals are deciding and the earth humans are agreeing to subconsciously and consciously through sound good marketing ploy and subliminals.

Duane Heppner, Duane The Great Writer along with Claudette 'Claudy' Stockman have put in the request to place the Queen and King of Orion along with all the other Reptilians that do not have 51% an intent for the benefit of everyone into the Phantom Zone. There is a constant update on this from The RealSide, and we will be doing more recordings on this. By Singing NU~U you can become more aware and recognize your conscious and unconscious agreements with the reptilians, kalaum god, supreme deceptor and other individuals that are not StandingReal with LifeITSelf. Ask RebISar, Pall, Kata, Fubbi, Lai, DuanEva, Yauble, Lai Tsi, Rami Nuri, or LifeITSelf to show You...

Wait a minute, wasn't I telling you about my RealSide Experience in the RealSide Library? Yes, yes I was, it all relates kids. In the RealSide Experience the young gentleman was viewing me as a funny girl writing poems and seees so much from his earthly point of view, since he wasn't consciously aware of the Real UNUversal Guides and what Duane has presented as the TruKnowledge from the 7th Level and The UNUversal Files which far surpasses the Akashic Records on the Causal Realm.

I had some flyers with me I created for the NU~YU DreamCourse, since I have this TruReality in my Beeeing I'm always presenting something wonderful to those that will listen and I have a lot of fun with it too.

With my Awarenisss, moreso than telekinesis I began to place the flyers into his backpack with little hints written on them. I did this without touching the papers or his backpack, so to him it was like magic. I giggled as he found the flyers and wondered how they came to be in his backpack. I watched him started to read them, and overtly found the flyers interesting, but still, "What was happening?" he was thinking. 

I didn't say anything as it was all rather humorous watching his thought forms which appeared like those bubbles you see in cartoons with images. He was thinking somehow his mother or his cat even snuck the flyer in there.

He looked at me a couple times raising his eyes, and I looked and shrugged my shoulders and kept paying attention to RebISar...

As he kept looking the possibilities of these flyers coming into his backpack they now started to fly in front of his face, and so much so I was now laughing.

Now he was picking up that it was me and just as so, Fubbi Quantz and Yauble Sacabi walked in and offered the young man two tickers to a theatre performance on the Subconscious Etheric Realm to watch the Supreme Deceptor control the Influence! RebISar gave me the impression we were going to be able to Seee in real live action the scenes where Duane meets the Supreme Deceptor in NUBook Four, "The Adventures of Rebazar Tarzs."

"Wow," I thought, this kid is really in for it.

So then I started to have fun with it, as the young man said, "Wait, we are going to the ghetto?"

And I said, "Oh you wouldn't want me to take you there, would you?"

"Well, is it scary?" He said.

"I lived there for many years, don't worry I'll show you around and Yauble and Fubbi will be with us the whole time!"

I knew my way around this place and he had never been there before that he was able to recognize so I was able to assist him.

I told him this is a journey into the unconscious that can really be grey and that most individuals on the earth and even other levels in creation do not want to Seee the unconscious or even look because it will disturb their illusions and comforts of growing old and boring they have agreed to for so long.

We both looked at each other and laughed so loud with huge smiles on our face, and said, "OK.."

We stood up in one motion and flew into the night's sky...

In the beginning of this experience we were sitting on the floor which demonstrates it is something taking place in the physical as everything filters down from ALLLISSS. We are interacting with others on many LifeLevels and eventually many of us will meet physically as we do the ALLHumanitarian Projects, NUSchool HomeSchool, Nations United UNUversal UNUversity, ALLSolar Research Vessels, Self-Sufficient Communities and more  for this world.

You may not always Seee what IS taking place from your RealSide Experience right away, but eventually it will show up, it can take months or years to understand what was taking place in your experience. All of our experiences are to lead us to the recognition and endlissnisss of ALLLISSS Here & Now. I later came to know this Beeeing in the Physical as Mr. H. Mr. H and I have planned to come into this lifetime together and go through what we had to, to eventually meet and DU our RealPurpose with DU, DuaneEva, The Real UNUversal Guides and those that Sincerely StepUP with US and the Whole of Life. Mr. H and I have been having many Wonderfulll NUAdventures for Lifetimes and more will come as what ISSS beeeing decided Here&Nowww with The ISSS unravels for thousands of years & Endlisss.

I suggest learning to be ok with yourself and whatever is taking place, face it and go through it, it's all ok and apart of a bigger WakeUP. Your RealAwarenisss IS duing things you cannot even imagine on the RealSide and the Real UNUversal Guides are sharing so much with YU, the RealU and the personal created YOU, YOU created will get what it does too.

So you can relax and have fun!


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Artwork by Eva Shari Schoen,

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