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Kelsey and Henry Go Galactic

by Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer &

ALLNatural Henry

By Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer

This morning I found myself on an intergalactic space station. I was not alone, but with over two hundred human and hybrid-human species who have spent a lot of time on this space station. I had grown up there in a sense and had come to know and recognISe those on the space station with me. There were many different individuals on this space ship, some test tube babies, some super soldiers, mad scientists, and those that could operate the ship, janitorial, and food preparation duties as examples.

I appeared in one of the medium size rooms of the space station somewhere in this galaxy. Walking into the room looked similar to a large university lecture hall. The front of the room had a screen that pulled down from the ceiling as is individuals were going to be watching movies from a projector. The seats were situated like black leather theatre seats that you could lean back in.

There were twelve to fourteen students as I will refer to them, some were super soldiers, psychics, and so called healers. All with their own abilities for themselves. All of these twelve to fourteen indviduals were mostly in their mid twenties to late thirties, although variations did apply.

I have had experiences with these individuals in many other lifetimes, and with myself I have gone through a lot and also been shown RealGuidance and RealEducation from RebISar and The RealUNUversal Guides.

There in the projector room of this space station stood a white bearded man in a white coat with a type of clipboard. We were you might say, his test subjects. The twelve to fourteen people I mentioned above were all grouped together in front of me, as the scientist type observer stood to my right with a clipboard. I was standing where I was on my own. I could see I was a adolescent myself as the psychics, super soldiers, etc had been on this space station and others following the orders of these scientists for lifetimes. It was like one big high school with kids that had been there for too long and could do magic. Black or white magic is what it is. On the sixth level in Creation, known as the Deep Dark Border in Duane The Great Writer’s NUBooks, the individual is asked whether he or she wants to be the Black or White magician; what most do not realize or RecognISe ISSS that both of these will keep you in Cause Effect Creation. When you pay attention to the References Duane The Great Writer ISSS presenting with his writings and on the RealSide Here&Nowww YU will possibly being to Seee ‘What ISSS Beyond’ Creation, refer to a title by Duane, ‘GLIMPSES.’

As I stood across from these super soldiers, psychics, hybrid child mothers, etc that I had known and Seeen for years the white bearded scientist speaks up and says, ‘Kelsey can Seee too, Kelsey has these abilities too, I can Seee Kelsey Seees,’ refer to A SCENE from NUBOOK TWELVE (2) 'THE NUUUNSEEEN’ Duane The Great Writer.

As the scientist said this, I walked out of the door into the skinny hallways of this international space station. As I went into other rooms I saw friends I know on the other Levels in Life that I do not meet with physically on the earth. One of my friends said to me, ‘We have to stay awake and not fall back into our Physical bodies, This is Real, we must keep dreaming, This is Real.’ I had the Awarenisss to stay aware, alert, and awake because at any moment this space station could be blown up or a purposely planned Fukushima disaster could take place.

As we walked down the hallways us agreeing to this reality made it continue to unravel the halls. When we take a real look at the planet earth, it is a space ship hurling through black space and at any moment anything can happen and where will our Awarenisss be? When the purposely planned Fukushima disaster took place all the individuals there were not prepared, nor paying attention, as they had been shown from The RealSide LifeISSS what was coming, but they were focused on their one-dimensional life and became the unconscious effect of their agreements to the World Kontrollers, which is not necessary. Now all of those individuals are lost in psychological positions of fear and anxiety on the RealSide while some are waiting in line to come back to earth as a baby into worse positions where vaccines are injected into children and they are subject WIFI radiation, EG, GEWN Towers, GMO food, and toxic pollution from Nuclear Waste, Black Goo & Petroleum, Plastic Poisons in hospitals, foods, and almost everything Humans use today, ChemTrail poisons and more GeoEngineered disasters.

I moved on to the next scene in my RealSide Experience. Myself and about 5 others of the super soldiers, soothsayers and psychics were sitting in movie theatre chairs in the middle of black space, we were able to see the balls of light on fire we refer to as stars and for those of us using spaceships, a one-dimensional guidance system for this galaxy.

As we sat there we were then able to Seee a place similar to the Andes Mountains on the earth. ITTT was beautiful, I was totally in awe of the Purity, Clean and Pristine VU. We all stared at the Mountains just Beeeing in the moment. The mountains were covered in Pur White Snow, representing Purity, ‘Pure as the Driven Snow.’ There were clouds totally covered above the mountains and we were each to draw a picture of what we were Seeeing.

As we each revealed the pictures we drew I looked at each, and they were all awesome. Our drawings were the equivalent of taking a picture with a camera or a mental image placed on matte papers. Each of our pictures were beautiful and showed the Andes Mountains just like you can see in a picture, so close to being there. Each picture we drew was on a 4x6 matte papers.

Some of the people there had their attitudes of being around for a long time and using the abilities they did which all went no further than the astral realm and small tricks. I watched their attitudes and was fine as I saw everything like a child.

I was last to pull out my picture and show it, and as I looked at it was very similar and close to the picture everyone else drew of these magnificent mountains but the only difference was there was also an image of myself standing in front of the mountains. It was the image of me Eva Shari Schoen the Great ArtIS created of me a few years ago dressed as a Native individual. I recognISed I was the only one willing to StandReal with Life even though so many others have experiences and can Seee what they Seee. The picture I drew depicted myself as an objective VU that Life Seees and RecognISes me. I Seee my Intent to StandReal with the Purity LifeISSS and The RealUNUversal Guides as I Seee each one of US ISSS. My personal self was a little surprised to Seee that no one else had themselves on the pictures, but were where they were in Creation. I’m grateful to be able to put myself out to the public for those to have the Opportunity to RecognISe RebISar and The RealUNUversal Guides and ALLLife. I ISSS very very fortunate.

As something fun, I continued to a new experience where I saw someone I know, he was doing whatever he was trying to figure out whatever, and then I saw a connection between this friend and Henry Draper. The connection was with a thin yellow light, like a string, but light frequency. I then watched Henry play and leap like a kid forward until very quickly he transformed into a wonderful yellow butterfly with black trim, butterflies ISSS Wonderfulll! Seeeing yellow butterflies can mean that something fun and exciting is on its way, among many other interesting views…Lets hear what Henry has to say….

By ALLNatural Henry, Henry James Draper

Floating through the air I sent impressions to Kelsey that she too could move her Awarenisss to another body type. Seeeing this Kelsey transformed into a violet butterfly also with a black trim. Together we flapped our delicate wings and the scene changed…..

We were now flying through a wonderful forrest on the Astral Level, surrounded by giant yellow and blue trees, huge rainbow mushrooms over 200 feet tall, and thousands of other cool beings in various body forms.

Eventually, we stumbled upon a beautiful green, orange and golden goat, called Bunuubaway. We flew in front of him whilst he spoke to us,

“Henry and Kelsey, so nice to finally meet you two. I have Seeen what you have been duing on Earth, sharing the Real Guides with so many people, on your radio shows, videos and Skype calls and Facebook. Here, I assist other goats after their physical lives have ended to see if they can decide to see more than they have in their other lifetimes and possibly introduce them to the Real Guides and the NU~U Song also. I really appreciate what you are duing as Direct Representatives (DRs) for the Real UNUversal Guides and the ALLISSS LIFE ISSS as YU each Become MoreAware and RecognISe Your position with what DUane ISSS referencing. I’ll be back on Earth soon in a human body for the first time and I’m ready to step up and support the ALLNatural Environment with YU both and the Wonderful WorldWide Educators because I Seee that ISSS what makes sense on ALL Levels. I’m just waiting for a body that won’t be so effected by lethal vaccines, mind-controlling microwaves and GMO foods to become available while preparing myself here and paying attention to what LifeISSS showing me. Before YU two go I wanted to tell YU something. When YU have pet goats one day soon, to get the best goat milk, cheese, yogurt and ice creams and anything wonderful from us on Earth full of Vitamin K2 and other goodies be sure to feed the goats loads of hemp, goats will eat almost anything, but we really love hemp and it can really help with your endocanebanoid system which I know you’re aware of!”

“Wow Bunuubaway you’re more aware than all the humans who are so absorbed in their one dimensional personal lives. Thanks for the tip and we’ll see YU on Earth if YU decide to Wake UP and Be Real with US” I said as we moved away from the forrest and onto another world on the astral level……

Next, I entered a scene where there were several of small houses of similar colours, maybe four or five in total. Here there was a small community of sorts, where “super soldiers” of the Earth gathered. They were going about their lives, as if it were a routine like they were taught to have in MILab programs. They were trying to figure out how to make sense of their lives in Creation but it was obvious they had no reference to the TruReality LifeISSS the ALLLISSS, so, for the most part they were wandering around maintaining their astral bodies and not really Seeeeing More. They saw that what they had experienced on Earth through their super soldier training was not of a benefit and was not real, but without RealGuidance they would stay lost in Creation for more unconscious lifetimes. Walking around this place I noticed my phone was about to die, so I quickly went to charge it so I could stay connected with Miss Kelsey as I continued my journey. I walked into a small house with three single beds. I plugged my phone in to a compatible charger when one of these super soldiers came over to me, she was an attractive brunette women and appeared to be about 30 years old. She quickly sat on my lap trying to seduce me, I noticed her thighs were very fat compared to the rest of her body, which I saw represented her astral body and that she was stuck on the astral level. I pushed her off of me showing I did not agree with any ideas she had. Two more individuals then entered the room inquisitive about their new guest, so I grabbed my phone and moved outside and then into another scene….

I was now on the same planet in the astral level, and on a ship of sorts on a purple ocean. I was there with two individuals, a male and female who were looking for jobs as crew members on some boats. I recognised the girl from her youtube channel on earth where she talks about raising your frequency, hybrid children and the like. The three of us were talking about our previous waterborne experiences. The female, let’s call her Bre was then talking about her ability to manipulate the weather, as she created a small stormy cloud followed by rain and thunder right above our heads.

Soon, a flash of lighting came down and a fancy looking boat came with it. It flew at a constant height over us when a ladder came down from beneath it. A staunch bald grey alien with some scars on his huge head walked down and asked for us to show him and his grey alien buddies our resumes, the idea being they were looking for crew. When Bre showed him hers he invited her on board, without question she climbed the ladder and entered the vessel. I was grateful this authoritative alienoid hadn’t asked me on board, but I wouldn’t have agreed to anyway. The creepy guy seemed pleased as I told him Bre had some special powers. He then grinned in a perverted way following Bre up the ladder as it folded and closed behind them. This grey alien was taking Bre along with many others to be tested, artificial inseminated, and experimented on. The boat flew away in a flash as I saw how people can be so convinced by their sound good ideas of “love and light” etc, and don’t pay attention to what ISSS Really taking place Here&Nowww. Bre will probably continue to live in here la la land on Earth Unaware of what she is Really agreeing to and being subjected to on the Astral and other levels. Seeing all this take place I was very grateful for the RealGuidance of Duane The Great Writer and the Real UNUversal Guides. LifeISSS an EndlISSS ISSSNISSS and I’m having the most fun RecognISing ITTT. I soon woke up in my dense physical body motivated to Seee through my created personal restrictions, and Pay Attention to what LIFE ITSelf ISSS always showing and sharing the Real me, My RealAwarenisss for me to Moreso RecognISe the ALLISSSS LifeISSS.



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"Yo cante la NUcanción y me fui dormir y pronto estaba observando mi cuerpo en la cama desde un nivel más alto en la compañía de un GuíaReal con barba vestido en un vestido violeta. Anteriormente había visto puertas abriéndose después de cantar la NUcanción y me encontré en otro nivel de vida, pero esta vez fue diferente porque me vi dejar el cuerpo dramáticamente y lo observe en la cama desde un nivel más alto. Pronto nos estábamos moviendo por el espacio y paramos en algún lugar. RebISar me dijo que él quería que yo visitara el 7mo nivel de vida donde estábamos, estaba atónita porque no había nada—ninguna casa, árbol, planta—excepto una deslumbrante luz resplendente blanca. RebISar me dijo que esto es lo que pasa cuando los NUAmigos cantan la Cancion NU~U—La ConscienciaReal, el TUReal, se mueve al 7mo Nivel de Vida como punticos de luz para conectar con la resplendente luz del 7mo nivel de vida. RebISar también dijo que no hay otro sonido más grande que el del Sonido NU~U que el llamo el ‘sonido de sonidos’. Mientras él decía esto, podía escuchar las reservaciones del NUSonido— NU~U, NU~U, NU~U. RebISar me dijo que le informara a todos los NUAmigos que cantando el NU~Sonido ayuda aquellos que han muerto para regresar a la vida, aquellos en un estado de inercia que se suban, y habilita a lo que no existía al principio que venga a la vida. Le pregunte si estaba bien cantar el NUCancion para resucitar un familiar o amigo muerto pero él dijo que esa era una conversación para otra tiempo. Todo el rato seguí observando los punticos de luz blanca que se movían hacia arriba para conectase con la luz mayor. Hicimos una parada en donde r Fiston estaba haciendo un ensayo para la canción que él quiere producir centrada en el NU~U. Mariam también estaba ahí. RebISar le dice a Fiston que su cancion va ser un gran éxito y enseguida el mismo RebISar empezó a cantar la canción y los NUAmigos empezaron a bailar. Continuamos en nuestro morar después de este episodio y pronto RebISar me dijo que una vez más esté atenta y observe en un cierto punto. Escuche y vi personas malas que decían que iban a ponerme una trampa en mi regreso del mundo de luz para que cuando me tropiece y me caiga todo lo que he aprendido se pierda. Uno de mis hechiceros puso su pierna en mi camino para que me tropiece y caiga. ReISar vino para mi protección. El me dio un bastón y me dijo que le rompiera la pierna al señor. Le pegue duro y el grito en dolor y horror diciendo que él había sido engañado por otros a una muerte extemporánea para utilizar su pierna para bloquear mi camino. Dijo que yo era muy poderosa para él."

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