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In our ALLNatural Environment we are living in the lush tropics where the sun IS always shining. Our skins are tan and nights are cool. In our Natural Environment it rains when we need rest. We are ISSSLAND peoples and the ocean is only a few steps from our sleep spot. Our tropical ISSSLANDS are so alive and breathing with wonderful palm tees, green vegetation, and vibrant orange, yellow, blue, and red fruits. There are many different animals on our tropical ISSSLANDS including colorful birds that live on the tops of the trees and sing ‘NU~U~U~U’ to us as we relax. There are so many beautiful and fragrant flowers for everyone here. The sand is always sparklingly from the Sun and the dolphins jump when they SEEE US surfing. We are so Fortunate to be here.

In our RealSide Experiences the fruits talk with us and they told us a story, They said, “PurBeeeing Children, we are the Fruits, we are the wonderful reds, blues, purples and other colors you are so attracted to. Do you know why we are so colorful? We want our seeds to be spread! We want you to carry us and eat us! We are always calling out to you! We spend so much time with the butterflies and bees to become wonderful for you! Our other friends like garlic and onions can make you cry or set off different gasses when you come near! Right now, they do not want to be touched. Do you know why? They are telling you to come eat us fruits! They are on their own adventure, but we are with you! When you walk through the ISSSLANDS you SEEE the light and dark green vegetation as luscious but you are not interested in eating it! That is because those plants do not want to so much be eaten, unless you are in desperate need, so they point you to us, the colorful fruits! Don’t you SEEE how we Stand Out so Much? Remember we are here for you, but some plants want to be left alone so they created themselves as what you call ‘poisonous.’ They are on their own journey, and do you guess that one time you were a plant too? Haha, we LUV YU, The RealU. Let us show YU a Wonderful NUAdventure into NUWorlds and RealUNUverISSS with RebISar…”

Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer


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