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As I shifted my Awarenisss outside of the physical agreed upon current reality,

I saw myself on the RealSide of Huntington Beach, California, United States. I was seeing the social consciousness of people that looked like an open trailer park, with roads, people everywhere, open sunny blue sky, athletic fields and anything that a person may see when looking at a city area in the United States.

As I have learned on the RealSide LifeIS, the United States can give an indication and reference to The RealUNUversisss, as The RealUNUversiss are a Recognition and not in all actuality and reality a place you go. The RealUNUversisss are Here&Nowww. The US is also a reference on the RealSide of US, UNUversal Survivors with Wonderful WorldWide Educators and The Real UNUversal Guides.

As I saw all the people around, going to the pools, the fields, and this was many many people, I realized descending from the sky was a space station and not only a small spaceship which were originally crafted for wars, but an entire space station, indicating a massive amount of individuals known to the dumbed down human earth awareness as 'Extra-Terrestrials', (aka the Extra Terra aka Earth beings you were purposely not taught about and even made to think it is science fiction and not real at all) were making themselves known to the public of earth. DU, Duane's name on the RealSide LifeIS, in reference to DU or doing, do!, was going to meet these individuals and I knew this. They were coming specifically to meet him. I was not far behind him with a girl that was pregnant.

I told the girl with me, come! And we ran to meet up with Duane as the E.T.'s were coming down to him. The public and the consciousness of the people were all running and scattering like ants, but not myself and this girl as we were going straight to Duane, who is also on the RealSide a reference to RealGuidance and The IS.

As we ran over to Duane we all then were getting on a yellow school bus, representing the education we would be sharing with the earth from LifeITSelf as LifeIS wanting to become MoreAware. The girl I was with then had the baby body she was carrying appear, which is very interesting from several perspectives. One perspective is this is the NUBirth of what IS taking place within Creation that has never took place before. The school bus flew into the sky as we are flying fast above all the distortions and deceptions that have been taught on earth.

This yellow school bus was taking us to a NU Position that IS totally focused on the IS. A position that has nothing to do with any of the invented or created ideas of the earth. Nothing spiritual, religious, standard education or really anything that can be imagined here on the earth with the literal minds. There were others that were on this bus on the RealSide as those that decide to educate themselves can recognise a better position than unconscious reincarnation onto a place in life that even when and if the earth gets better (which can only take place when people WakeUP to their RealAwarenisss, it will not happen simply because of free-tech, more trees, better education, or better food and no ChemTrails) will eventually go downhill again because that's simply how creation and free-will is. I saw the possibility for many to WakeUP to something more, but it will not be in any accordance with what those on earth can consider, it will be beyond your dreams and this position will know your intent, so you will not be able to get there with any hidden agendas or any 'goodie goodie' ideas, as it is not about being a good, kind or nice person, but about being real and real risk taker to Seee More not simply one that takes the earthly dare devil risks, but something beyond what you have known or anyone has shared on earth..

Pay Attention to The RealSide for Opportunities and UPdates by Singing NU~U~U~U before bed and share what YOU are shown.

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