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On Monday, January 4, 2016 I published my first book on After spending nights writing my story for the world up until that point. I wrote my book on a 2010 MacBook Pro in the upstairs of my bedroom in Virginia Beach, VA. Two years later I'm going over my first book and adding more of my RealExperiences and RealAdventures that will be available on or before January 2018. After I wrote my first book, I began to write a second, The Real RiskTaker.

This is a RealSide Experience I wrote about in my second book, a little over a week after publishing my first on January 4, 2016.

January 13, 2016, Are Individuals Ready? Here it is.

Seeeing from The RealSide First.

The book I had written was turned into a movie, but not just played on any movie screen. This was on The VU from The RealSide like Duane talks about in his books. This screen was not your average size screen like you see on the earth. The screen my movie was playing on was so tall and large that is was the width and length of at least one entire football field. The theatre seating was totally filled with individuals from all over the earth and other dimensions. There were so many seats, even balconies were needed for all the individuals. I recognized some of the individuals in the seats from my hometown, Portsmouth, Virginia, but there were all so many that I did and do not yet know in the physical, but that will be stepping up as we start the ALLHumanitarian Projects, The Benefit Concerts, Vessels and whatever else wonderful and beneficial Wonderful WorldWide Educators will do. There were so many different things taking place in the theatre. Many of the individuals there were involved with the projects from the RealSide. The Real UNUversal Guides and many of us are doing so much in the position that we Refer as the RealSide, and then those of us here are doing our best to make it a physical reality as each individual steps up and contributes realistically because this is so important for the Children. In my RealSide Experience Kata Daki, a Real UNUversal Guide and Eva Shari Schoen, also known as 'Shar' in NUBook Four by Duane The Great Writer walked into the movie theatre. As they walked in they held four huge gift boxes wrapped in bows between the both of them. They laid the four gifts on the front floor of the theatre. I myself was not only a VU in the theatre but also I was there mostly laughing and having fun. On the huge football field length screen my book appeared and the pages of the now HUGE book were flipped one at a time so individuals and myself were able to Seee.

Then myself and some of The Boys (The Real UNUversal Guides) went into the hallway of the very high building in which the movie theatre was. This place was 15 floors up! There are 6 Basic Levels in Creation, but this was Beyond Creation as the First RealUNUverIS IS on the 7th Level. Wow, what an adventure. Then, as the RealGuides (Shams, RebISar, Pall, Gopal, Yauble, Rami Nuri, Duane) and I went down the stairs, guess who was with us? Chewbacca! Haha. Chewbacca is know as a loyal mate so he must have been someone awesome I was yet to recognize. How cool. Chewbacca was a real character as we went down to the 4th and 5th floors (the Mental and Etheric, Subconscious levels) Chewbacca was making some funny jokes, making me giggle so much. As we continued to go down the steps and stairs the staircase was eventually totally exposed to the outside, so this was becoming the physical, as we got to the bottom (the physical level) there was a gate around the stairs.

As The Real UNUversal Guides, my RealFamily and RealFriends, got to the bottom of the stairs we laid down underneath towards the side of the stairs on the physical earth dirt looking at what was coming. What was coming? The Kalaum God and his cohorts. Though many times the USMC and the Police can be the RealGuides on the RealSide, this time was not the case. There were military tanks and trucks pulling up on us. This is very real. The Real UNUversal Guides and I were laughing, because we knew what we were doing, and we want to present something Wonderful to this World. In Duane the Great Writer's 'AdventurIS Series RebISar tells the Kalaum God on the Mental Realm "We are Doing this. It will Happen." The Kalaum God and the Influence, and others have teased Duane on the RealSide, but we'll Seee how it all turns out as we present this to the world and individuals do step up realistically to contribute instead of *thinking* something will be done for them.

On The RealSide with this experience a military man approached, actually it was many, as they came with a pointed rifle that had a green laser target on my head. Showing that I'm the world's target. I said to myself "Oh, it's ok, I'm with The RealGuides."

After this RealSide Experience my VU is as follows:

There will always be resistance with what we are doing and with what IS Real because the world has been so saturated and conditioned into agreeing with its own demise. Did the Native Americans WakeUP every day, pollute the air and destroy the environment? No. They worked with nature as this makes sense. And we can all decide to make sense of our lives on ALL the LifeLevels with The Whole of Life. There are better options available. One being turning your car to run on water. Who will do something real like this as an example?

It is simply learning to make better choices and being aware every moment of your life. The RealGuides demonstrate this for all, but who pays attention? Who pays attention to the trees, birds, butterflies, bees and all the wonderful animals that are having to deal with the unconscious choices of humans. Everything that WWWE share is for YU, The RealU, so YU can learn to Recognize The ALLLISSS as an Endlisss Journey for YourSelf. This is what I hvae learned from Duane The Great Writer, RebISar and The Real UNUversal Guides. Do something, share something for all, not just your personal life which is only growing old once again and into a demise.

You can test this for yourself as you go out into the world and tell others or show others even the simplest things you are met with a target on your head, but this is the Real RiskTaker Position and that is up to YU to decide. It is your Life. And you alone are always the decider. I Seee it as so awesome to reach individuals that I do not yet know here in the physical. That's the bigger picture, everyone else. I Seee it as a privilege to be able to share and Seee Purity and a RealCleaness as I'm always here & now, like a child, no attitudes or ideas, but always starting and being real. Of course I still have my personal self I created as a vehicle here. I'm one of the luckiest individuals to be recognized by The ALLLISSS. For me, I LUV the RealAdventure LifeISSS Becoming MoreAware & always NUNOW. LifeISSS always NU! Ask RebISar! You can always decide to go into the Unknown. Yes YOU. It’s about doing what others won’t and having the RealCourage to be Real as this is the RealIntent of the Great Reality for all Utuns. To some of the earth people this may sound funny, but if you test what Duane The Great Writer and the Real UNUversal Guides are presenting with the NU~U NUSound 5-10 minutes every night before sleeping, as you are patient, read the NUBooks and give yourself time YU can be shown what ‘IS’ Real and whatever IT ‘IS’ YU need for your Life. This ‘IS’ Real! And lucky YU, the RealU has made it this far to Seee this Now! Share what myself and The Wonderful WorldWide Educators post on Facebook! Share the NU~U & Have Fun on Your NUAdventure!

Testing The NU~U Sessions Is Simple. Simply Sing NU~U~U~U Extending out the U~U~U 5-10 minutes before sleeping and in the mornings. Take Your Time with this, Read one of The NUBooks and Pay Attention to Your RealSide and Daily Experiences. Remember to write down What YU are Shown and Have Fun! This is the first step, there is a lot more! What will YOU do?

Kelsey Lynne Brown reading NUBook Four,

'The Adventure of Rebazar Tarzs' by

Duane The Great Writer

Available on


Add me on skypeid: misskelseyis

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