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By Kelsey Lynne Brown Wonder Writer

I was in a command center, which was covertly place in the middle of the mall. This took place on the second floor of the mall, relating to the astral body as most individuals mainly use their physical and astral bodies. I was not alone, as I was with young hackers both young ladies and young men. The DarkSide was after us, that being the Kalaum and his agents, the Time Makers, they were trying to put The REAL WakeUP to The NU~U Sound off for this world and other realms in Creation. These agents can be related to like the agents in The Movie Series 'The Matrix.'

The hackers used the computers to freeze everyone in the mall, as everyone stopped and were seen for what they really demonstrate - zombies and robots. The hackers did this to distinguish between the running agents and the passing people, as the agents were body snatching the unaware public, and robots, because some were really AI (Artificial Intelligence.)

I was able to Seee these individuals were imprisoned on the 5 different Psych Levels, Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental and Etheric. Not only that, their RealAwarenisss had been hijacked and they were allowing it through all their unconscious agreements from lifetimes of this planet and others being a slave and subservient.

Astonished I was as I looked at these people and they were not moving.

We then ran towards a different part of the building, away from the central part of the mall.

Eventually we were 'behind the scenes.' It looked like being inside of an elevator chute and seeeing all the tracks and machinery, but only, this place was huge. We were Seeeing the matrixxx backside.

Now, I recognized myself running with a blonde boy, which was ALLNatural Henry.

Next it was time for obstacles, and to Seee what myself and others were capable of, and if we were able to make it through, and go on to the next steps of our boot camp with our RealAwarenisss.

Henry, myself and others were to jump through chutes. One shoot was fire, another frozen thick ice, and another labeled, 'organic material.' I made it through it all, because of my Awarenisss, which was moreso than magic. I was Seeeing this as really cool, because who can make it through thick frozen ice?

The experience continued and the agent dogs were still after us, but then I became and objective VU, without a body.

What I saw was a friend I knew that had been going through the same process, but a bit more on the sidelines. We ran over these huge, long, deep, black metal compartments, it was like being on Super Mario, and being the size of Mario, with all these tunnels, blocks, and tubes to jump on and through.

The friend had been hiding the whole time in these compartments as we ran over them.

As he saw US, he popped out.

Then, the Deceptors came to him and told him he would be fine and to just go back in the box. "Go back in his box."

But, the reality was quite the opposite, he was going to stay stuck in his box and be TapLined and restricted and so the Deceptors were coming back for him.

After I recognized this with my RealAwarenisss Yoda showed up from behind the machines. There was a demonstration made that I had made it through that Level, and it was time for the next Level of this Real NUAdventure. Sing NU~U & Share with the World to Become Endlissly MoreAware & Recognize YourSelf as a Wonderful Free Being of RealLight YU already ISSS.

You can listen to a summary of the RealExperience here, also you will be able to hear Duane's Response

My parents & I, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Outer Banks, Hatteras Island, North Carolina 1990s.


Add me on skypeid: misskelseyis

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